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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Jon Benson, 3-time bestselling fitness and nutrition author and Professional Body Remodeler
A $7 way to double (or more) your fat burning, while ensuring your rapid fire quick-start to getting the body you absolutely deserve

Dear Friend,

Did you know that there is a virtual Fat Loss University—only this “school” is just 21 days long, takes only a few hours to “graduate”, and guarantees your personal “certification” in personal weight loss and body transformation?

Did you know that there was a very unique Course on rapid fat loss that was created with the busy person in mind… and that was designed specifically around the most successful, easy-to-follow, and quick-start implementation strategies on earth? And, that this is the same “Drip-style Rapid Application” technique used by the top training centers, universities, and rapid learning facilities in the world?

Did you know that these simple, easy-to-understand fat loss foundational principles are practically universal, and that each and every one can be applied easily within a matter of minutes so that you can tone, reshape, and literally sculpt your personal masterpiece?

You probably didn’t know all that… and that’s okay. You are hardly alone…

This Acceleration In Personal Fat Loss Has
Been Kept Well-Hidden…For Good Reason

I’m Jon Benson, and I’m the author of not one, but three Internet bestsellers: Fit Over 40, The Every Other Day Diet, and 7 Minute Body.

Each of these books retail for between $39 and $47, and I’ve sold tens of thousands of them at this price. I tell you that not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you the value hundreds of thousands of successful body re-shapers place on my life’s work.

And you need to understand this in order to grasp the secretive nature of what I’ve created over the past year—the ultimate end-all, be-all Guide to permanent, rapid fat loss and muscle shaping, delivered in a fashion used by the most successful training systems in the world.

I have been pretty quiet about this for good reason—I had to make sure my current readers were well taken care of (and they will be) when they take part in this revolutionary 21-day fat burning course. After all, they invested more than you will today by a long shot, just for a book (or two, or three).

Now, don’t get me wrong—I’m very proud of the books I’ve written. But after years of success, both in the world of health and fitness, and in my own personal world, I’ve come to a very personal and controversial decision:

I’m Offering What Was Once Available Only
To Those With A Lot Of Extra Income
To The Rest Of The Hard-Working World

Jon Benson

That’s me, at 49 years of age. No special lights, no Photoshop, and no illegal 'fat-burners'! I used to be obese, and now I'm a lean machine year-round. Find out exactly what I do, when I do it, and how you can achieve that lean but toned look! My system works for men and women of any age, guaranteed.

What if I told you that I managed to get 100% of what anyone needs to get 100% STARTED in the exciting world of re-creating their body—burning off mounds of ugly, unwanted body fat and keeping it off, while toning and shaping the sexy, curvy muscle that lies underneath….

And narrowed it all down into 7 easy-to-apply segments, delivered to you one lesson at a time over the course of 21 days?

Now, there’s no way on earth I can get the entire scope of all of my books into just 7 segments, but you’ll get the a solid foundation and the how-to basics covered, plus you’ll discover all of my supplement, dietary, training, and motivational secrets…AND how I PERSONALLY use them all to achieve my own cover-model physique.

But why am I doing this?

Why am I practically GIVING away a book’s worth of the most essential, foundational, get-started-NOW, how-to basics at such a ridiculously INSANELY LOW PRICE of only seven measly bucks? Well…

Two Reasons:
First, I’m Pretty Savvy (ha)
And Second, I Received An Inspiring Letter

Here’s what I mean by “pretty savvy”. I’m not being arrogant, just factual. I know that if I give you the very best of what I have to offer in a broad-stroked but practical daily guide that you’ll probably want to keep going with me. Maybe you’ll pick up a book one day, or a video. That’s smart business. Again, shoot me for being honest (it’s about time someone was in this business.)

But I’d be lying to you if I said it was the main reason.

The primary reason is a lesson I learned from my late father…and Ann’s letter. My father was a hard-working lower-middle-class guy who slaved away outside in the hot Texas sun for 36 years of his life, working for Southern Pacific Railroad. 115-degree heat. 20-degree cold. Everything in-between. He was there…never missed a day. He taught me a valuable lesson…

Hard work is a killer virtue.

Ann’s Words Did Me In

When Ann wrote me, asking me in a heart-felt way for some help because she desperately wanted to lose weight (her doctor told her she was literally a year or two away from death at the pace she was on), but that she was laid off several months ago and simply could not afford it, I knew I had to do something.

That wasn’t the first letter of this kind I’ve received. Honestly, I’ve received well over a thousand of them. And (sorry if you’re a paying customer), I’ve usually responded by giving away a book. It doesn’t cost me much to do that, although my business partner(s) suffer a bit. But that wasn’t a good enough answer. After all, thousands of others paid for that information.

It was something Ann said that sparked my decision to really DO something:

“If you just had some kind of get-started guide… something under $10…I could easily justify that investment…”

Well, I didn’t have anything like that at the time, but I did let her know about my free newsletters (which I still send out weekly.) She said, “I love those, but I want something more personal…more handholding, maybe, but something that’s really fast and easy to implement.”

I knew right then I had my work cut out for me—but I also knew the ONLY ANSWER was to create something virtually everyone could afford…something that would deliver MORE than enough information to get anyone started and THEN some…PLUS deliver more value than anyone has dared to deliver…

…all without making my current customers angry!

It Took Almost A Year…Plus Corporate Sponsors…Plus New Technology… But It’s Finally HERE:

After reading Ann’s letter, I buckled down and began writing.

I was determined to create the VERY BEST online weight loss course ever offered…one that covered every angle, from the science behind rapid fat loss, to the exact, by-the-day routines I personally used to go from total obesity (I used to weigh 265 pounds and carry 36% body fat) to the guy you see above (194 pounds, 6% body fat.)

I also wanted to include everything I could think of that you absolutely need, including the very best recommendations for supplements, specific diet plans, the latest research on fat loss, motivational tactics, and much, much more.

Then I put it all into a platform that allows me to practically give this information away to you because I’m now able to use corporate sponsors to help cover my sky-high server costs…and, frankly, the loss of revenue from fewer book sales.

It is the right thing to do. And I think this will work out for everyone—you have the information you need to get rolling FAST for a mere $7, and I earn your trust, and hopefully your business, for life. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Yet you’ll be receiving a LOT more than just my 7-Part Fat Burning Accelerator Course… I’ve made sure of that… here’s just a small taste of what you’ll get:

The Course Arrives At Your Inbox In 7 “Segments” Over 21 Days:

I Can’t Take Full Credit For This Course

Some of this information is proprietary, for sure. But a lot of this stuff can be found by doing hours upon hours of Google research, and digging through nutrition, exercise, and psychology journals.

If you really want to do that, go for it. Or, you can take a $7 short cut.

What I’ve done is made it super simple for you. That’s all. I’ve cut right to the chase and put in only the strategies I know for a fact work and work fast. I’ve also included material you simply cannot find anywhere else, like my own 7-Minute Body System, and how I personally apply the diet, supplement, motivation, and training protocols I cover.

But Do It Yourself And You’ll End Up Confused

Why on earth would you even consider buying a diet book or exercise manual when you can learn most of what you need in just 21 days and 7 jam-packed fat burning segments?

And, why OH WHY would you even think about going at this alone. You’ve tried that. What I’m offering you is almost a year’s research and work from one of the top fitness and body reshaping coaches on the planet, along with my own personal routine…PLUS it’s delivered to you in a way that helps ensure you actually absorb the material like a hungry sponge.

You see, you’ll get one segment every three days; 7 segments of the Fat Burning Accelerator Course, delivered to your inbox every three days for 21 days.

Science shows that this is by far the easiest and best way to learn. You’ll retain far more, and you’ll have the time to actually apply what you discover before trying to move on to the next segment too quickly.

Imagine how much easier it will be to just have a how-to blueprint that you just have to apply? This will save you from making 1,000 mistakes… and save you time and money, too.

Just imagine…

There’s More:
I’m Giving You A Member’s Only
On Every Future Product You May Want!

Look—I realize that you’ll probably want to go further after taking the Fat Burning Accelerator Course. Most people do.

So, how’s this for unbelievably fair: I’m going to discount any book or supplement you may want (optional of course) by a whopping 25%...FOR LIFE!

As long as that book or supplement is found within the pages of the Fat Burning Accelerator Course itself, it’s yours for 25% OFF…ANYTIME you want it. You just have to purchase it from within the pages of the Course to make sure you have the discounted price links.

I’ve already made the deals with the sponsors, and I’m discounting MY books by 25% as well...you just cannot beat this deal no matter what!

Why It’s Just $7

Normally a Course of this magnitude and depth of information would cost at least $47, if not $97, and it would be worth every penny. That’s true… but there are 3 specific reasons I dropped the price to only $7:

  1. I made a vow, the one I covered earlier, to share as much information as possible with good folks who may be simply hurting financially, or perhaps who want to give my materials a “trial run”. Either way, it’s not fair that you may be left out.

  2. This is an e-course online; and thanks to my sponsors, I can keep the costs really, really cheap.

  3. And, to be honest: The price will not stay at $7. Once my bandwidth costs start exceeding a certain amount, I may have to raise this to double, or even triple the cost. However, you have first dibs at this low price, so take advantage of it while you can.

My “Leaner In Weeks” Guarantee


If you go through the full 7 lessons and don’t find at least three golden nuggets of fat burning, muscle-shaping, strategy-winning information that you can immediately apply and SEE and FEEL results, I’ll give you your $7 back…no hard feelings, and nothing whatsoever to risk or lose on your part. Fair?

I’ll Only Sell 1000 Memberships At This Price

Time is critical… it’s of the essence if you want to get in at the $7 Flagship Entry Offer. I know for a fact that at 1,000 members, I’ll have to cut it off. After all, this Course is fairly interactive. All 7 Segments have a comments section, so there’s only so much my staff and I can handle.

If you want in the Charter Membership Discount then you absolutely must order TODAY and secure your $7 price. If you click the button today, I will guarantee you the $7 “Charter” price. I cannot make that promise for tomorrow, because I’m cutting it off at 1,000 members… no exceptions.

YES! Give Me Instant Access

Charter Pricing:
Current Price:
First 1000 Members...

*Limited Time Only



2000 and Over...

Price Today: $47.00 $39.95 $27.00

Today Only $7

Warning: You Will Make Mistakes

My father always said, “A man who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer.” And, we all know people who refuse to read instructions or maps…and they get lost and confused, right?

Read the road map that I’m offering you—one that takes you on the most direct, no-fluff-course to a lean, healthy body—rather than trying to go it alone.

That’s the best and easiest path to having these secrets at your fingertips.

Or, if you like, you can give up on the idea of looking more fit and lean altogether…or stick to dreaming about plastic surgery, or the hope of a pill you can take to give you results.

It’s up to you. Just know I’ve put this information to the test, and anyone at any age interested in dropping those unwanted pounds and reshaping their body without spending a fortune would be wise to pick it up… and frankly, foolish not to.

Click here to get started in the next 3 minutes

Jon Benson

Jon Benson Signature

Nutrition, Fitness and Fat-loss Specialist
Bestselling author of The Every Other Day Diet

P.S. Remember, there are more tips crammed into this 21-day Course than you’ll find in a hundred hours of Google searching, or in many health, fitness, and nutrition books. This is the real deal, it’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money, and it is truly a no-brainer decision any savvy health and fitness enthusiast will make…

P.P.S. Don’t forget your Lifetime 25% Off Discount on any product found within the Course! You never have to use it, but it is there if you need it—and just ONE purchase would more than pay for this entire course…