Quiz, Day 6

Resistance training, especially weight training, is more beneficial for men than for women.

Resistance training increases...

Decreasing bone density is solved primarily through supplemental calcium.

On average women produces about ___ % of the amount of testosterone as compared to men.

Muscle mass is often falsely associated with...

The difference between building a "toned" physique and one that is overly muscle-bound is...

At what point can muscle tissue re-metabolize into fat?

It is possible to feel "fatter" when beginning resistance training.

Type 1 muscle fibers...

When it comes to shaping the body and adding muscle size, which fiber is the most important?

What part of the muscle showed dramatic reversal of the aging process in a 2008 landmark study on anti-aging?

What biochemical benefit does muscle NOT provide?


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15 Responses to “Quiz, Day 6”

  1. Jean says:

    Awsome – I am learning a great deal – Thank you.

  2. Terri says:

    I think all this info. is awesome too!!
    Thank you!!

  3. Linda says:

    You mentioned about “shrinking muscles”. Does this apply to shrinking in height as well? My partner, who is very out of shape and gained alot of weight in the last 2 years has also “shrunk” 1 and 1/4 inches. Can you ever get that back if you increase your muscle size?

  4. Rosalie says:

    I enjoy your articles immensely,especially as they are chock full of information- written in clear, consise language. Your quizzes, however, have too many trick questions- a shame, because they are a downer ,rather than a good finish to your article. As a teacher, I avoid any trick questions. they’re not fair, and frustrating.thanks for your wonderful, free articles.

    • Jon says:

      Hi Rosalie!

      I’m certainly new to this, so I am open to any suggestions on the “trick questions” — I only have three that I know of and the quizzes are just meant to be for greater learning. Please submit any suggestions and I’ll definitely take them into consideration. Thanks for the kind feedback!

  5. Janice says:

    Hi Jon,

    Loving this series! I’ve learned a lot from you thru your ezines over the past few months, but this course gives much more science behind it all, which I love.

    However, your quizzes must have a few bugs in them, because I am being mis-scored regularly. Meaning, I’ve chosen the correct answer during the quiz, then the answers show that I had chosen a wrong answer. I know it’s no big deal, but thought I’d mention it.

    • Jon says:

      The quizzes have the correct answers Janice, but I think there’s just the tech gremlins at work sometimes. This is a plugin for WordPress called “Quizzin” — it’s very cool, but like all plugins I’m sure it has its bugs. The important thing is that you learn the material — and even if you got the right answer (and it showed you did not) it doesn’t matter re: the free book, etc. Plus I explain the right answer in more detail than the Course, so it’s all good… : )

  6. Lesley says:

    This is a fantastic journey. I have learnt and remembered much of what I had forgotten.
    I was taking multivitamins fish oil and calcium up to 12 months ago and was losing weight, building muscle and getting fitter. I stopped and plateaued or gained wight during the last 12 months. Lesson learnt, back on the good stuff.
    I can no longer get to a weight gym but work out at home with dumbells and pulleys. I got very slack but back on track and have lost 1.1 kilo this week alone. I know that is not all fat. Will start taking notice of my body fat scales rather than total weight again.
    I would love to purchase your Supp Kit but US$200 is my fortnight food bill as I am semi retired on a very tight budget. However I will do my best with what I have.

  7. Keith says:

    I wake up every morning looking forward to being further educated in fitness. You have a great thing going, keep it up!
    The reason that I keep doing this (getting back in shape) is I know that if I don’t, my grandkids are not going to have me around too much longer.
    When I saw the picture of you before you started resistance training, I knew I’d found someone who could help me achieve what I need to accomplish. You see, if you cut off the head in that photo, you are looking at me last Christmas(2008).
    Since then, doing what I know, I’ve been able to lose 55 pounds! This has evolved into walking 10 miles per day, riding an exercise bike employing interval training for 1.5 hours 5 days per week and hit and miss resistance training using Hammer Strength machines, dumbbells and free weights 5 days per week.
    I knew there had to be a smarter way. I believe that I have found it in your program. I currently weigh 225 and I’m 6’2″. I believe that with 7MM and EODD I can achieve success and be in the best shape of my life in the next 6 months. Do you have a special to buy both products? I’m on a limited income (retirement pay) and only get paid once a month. I would love to get started with both programs July 1st. Can you help me?

  8. Catherine says:


    Could I purchase a spiral bound copy of the Personal Fat Loss Course? There’s great information here and I’d like a permanent copy. How would I order it? Thanks!

    • Jon says:

      Hi Catherine,

      I can work that out. Right now we do not have one (never thought of it!) but it would make a great option for those who complete the course. Be looking for an email from me soon on how to access it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. John Harbour says:

    In the mid-1950′s I worked out at a Health Spa that went bankrupt; unfortunately there was no Jon Benson at that time. At my current age, I gave up trying to lose weight due to all the MYTHS regarding older age. Medical doctors are famous for telling people they are overweight, but they NEVER tell us HOW to accomplish weight loss/they DO PRESCRIBE PHARMACEUTICALS with side-effects & totally lack-luster results. Hence, we have THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC. You, Jon Benson … have a “Calling” … U have a CAUSE…you gave me a cause as well … to be an OLD “body-builder” facilitator and help ‘spread this good news’. Thanks Eversomuch U gave me a new lease on life which I intend to pursue under the heading of MY LEGACY to mankind until ‘death do us part’.

  10. Maureen Cuscuna says:

    Hi Jon,

    The other day a gentleman mentioned that some of his test answers changed when he got his results back. Well, he’s right! The same thing has happened to me at least once in every test. Either I am too quick on the draw (or click), or there is a problem. Now while ALL of this info is very new to me, I DO know what I answered to my questions. Perhaps you can have someone look into this and fix the glitch. Otherwise, you are fantastic, your info is fantastic and life is getting fantastic!!


    Yes, that’s a Word Press issue, unfortunately. The Quiz plugin is free and we’re at the whims of the programmer. Usually it works just fine, though. Thanks.

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