Fat, Fatter, Dying

Below are two videos. Watch them if you dare.

Then, by all means… take action.

Part 1

Part 2

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13 Responses to “Fat, Fatter, Dying”

  1. chris says:

    As usual great information, keep up the good work.

  2. Ro says:

    Very informative…but but does not bode well for the future of our children.

    • Jon says:

      Indeed Ro. WE must take the lead here. The parents, grandparents and role models for our children absolutely must set the example. Hope that came across… thanks!

  3. Mike says:


    Great video! Could you send the link to the article, I’d love to read the whole thing.

    You are right, even those of us who remain healthy will have to pay more just for regular checkups! I really do think corporate america can be blamed for this obesity trend. They are after a quick buck and really don’t care about people. Besides the obvious companies like McD’s, there are companies that promote their ‘health’ foods that aren’t even healthy.

    Even my gym is trying to keep people fat! Check out this picture:

  4. NIck says:

    wooah thats crazy *coming from a 16 yr old* i reckon it comes down to people just being bloody lazy. bored infront of the tv so they push crap food at there face. wont walk to the shops round the block so they drive.

    dnt need to worry about global warming killing us, we are doing it to ourselves just fine.

    great vids jon i hope you inspire alot of people to change there habbits, before as you said ‘until it is to late’

  5. Frances says:

    More people really need to get on board and understand that it’s everybody’s problem. Simpy become a role model for family and friends is a great start.
    Thanks Jon.

  6. Con says:

    I live in Canada where we have plenty of our own overweight and obese adults and children as well. Last weekend, we traveled to Minneapolis for a tournament, and stopped into a Dennys for breakfast (yes, definitely not the ideal choice, but there are some reasonable options). My kids (and husband & I) were completely appalled that EVERYONE else eating there, and it was fairly full, was OBESE. Not just a bit hefty, but obese. Wow! Was another great opportunity to discuss healthy food choices with the kids. Setting the example within your own family is where the foundations of healthy eating and lifestyle are formed. Thanks Jon, for another no BS report.

  7. Mel says:

    In England they are forcing people that have health issues due to their weight to loose weight with help from health care professionals.
    It’s often a budget problem. Families on tight budgets eat cheap rubbish. Mr. Big Food Corporation and their adverts have no conscience. I don’t understand why people are so stupid.I see kids lunch boxes full of choco bars and yogurt (cornstarch), and kids who can’t eat a vegetable, always the ones jumpimg on the tables later.

    • Jon says:

      Well, it may come to that Mel here in the U.S., unless we grow up and recognize this freedom overspill for exactly what it is: A gross mentality of indulgence that virtually everyone, including myself, partake in to varying degrees. I am by no means exempt just because I am no longer obese. I still have other symptoms of this overspill, but of course I labor on. : ) Still, the point is sufficiently valid that childhood obesity, nothing more than imitation of adult behavior, in in fact the most dangerous form of en masse freedom indulgence we’ve seen.

  8. Keith says:

    Jon, I own 7MM and EODD. They are both fantastic products and are enabling me to get rid of the next 30 lbs. I’ve lost 60 lbs since January. Getting to the problem at hand: people need to walk more. No other exercise will bring about such a dynamic change in your weight control for the amount of effort expended. Its not hard to do, you don’t need a coach, its not rocket science, and best of all its FREE!! The viscuous fat around your internal organs when you are obese is killing you. Walking removes viscuous fat. I recommend 5 miles per day(10,000 steps).

  9. julia says:

    Wow!That is just unbelievable!I can hardly realize how many people basically killing themselves!And i would charge every single parent who’s kids are overweight!Thank you Jon for this video!It’s a great motivation to keep going studying nutrition.

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