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Tell me why you think you’re ready to try
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below, not the hokey kind you see on TV)
to increase YOUR fatloss…. starting NOW.

REMEMBER: Leave your response in the Comment area below. NO responses that involve financial reasons for winning will be considered, as the course is already more than half off! ANYONE can afford this… the question is WHY SHOULD YOU be given this Kit for Free!

Thanks, have fun, and good luck!

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Hypnosis has long been used to help people lose weight. There have been multiple studies that have shown the long-term benefits of hypnosis on weight loss. In one meta-analysis, researchers found that after receiving several sessions of hypnosis, overweight women lost on average of 11.83 pounds while women who did not receive hypnosis lost 6 pounds. This means that the hypnosis group lost 97% more pounds than the non-hypnosis group.

What is even more astonishing is the follow-up that was performed on the participants of the study. Researchers found that those who received hypnosis lost an average of 14.88 pounds during the follow-up. This compares to only 6.03 pounds in the non-hypnosis group. The participants who received hypnosis lost 147% more weight than those who did not use hypnosis to lose weight.

This study shows that hypnosis is not only beneficial in helping people lose weight in the short term, but it helps people continue to lose weight even after treatment has ended. This is powerful information that can help a lot of people reach a healthier weight.

Kirsch, I. (1996). Hypnotic enhancement of cognitive-behavioral weight loss treatments: Another meta-reanalysis. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64(3), 517-519.



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665 Responses to “Contest”

  1. McKinnis says:

    I have tried many weight loss programs and loose and gain weight. This program sound like I would not have to have that so call willpower and maybe this way I will keep the weight off. This method will allow me some time to adapt to a new eating habit and exercise method. I am 82 lbs overweight and I have knee problems which cause me to loose weight at a slower pace.This method will take the stress off of my joint until I loose the weight to make it less stress on my knee joints and heart.

    • Jon says:

      @McKinnis: First, let’s get that pain under control. On another post I recommended the hypnosis pain product I use. This is a direct link to the page (I do not own this product…) Let me know if that helps. Second, for your heart, I recommend lowering starchy carbs and sugar down severely, eating these foods only once every 4-5 days. Keep your calories low for a few days, then raise them a bit, then repeat. This will help elevate your metabolism. My Every Other Day Diet book covers this and more in detail. Keep me posted!

  2. Lynn says:

    Dear Jon,
    I love food and each year I put on another 7 to 10 pounds, period. I believe my only hope is from subconscious help and with that help my entire family would indeed benefit. To win a FREE COPY of the Power of Thin
    Weight Loss Hypnosis Kit would be the icing on the cake.
    Ciao- Lynn

    “Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards”

    • Jon says:

      @Lynn: Ha! I never heard the “stressed = desserts backwards” before. Kinda like “Evian” is “naive” spelled backwards… : ) Did you pick up Power of Thin at the discount? I’m also asking many on the form to check out The Hypnosis Network… here is a direct link: They have a program called “Enjoying Weight Loss” I really enjoy. Finally, I suggest giving my $5 (less than that) M-Power Audios a shot and see if my style of combining audio with a form of NLP and hypnotic language works for you. The first audio is a true life-changer. Check it out here: 21 Days of M-Power For Less Than $5.

      Pick the suggestion that works best for you, and remember I’m happy to help you along.

      Keep me posted.

  3. carol says:

    hi jon i just started about a year ago getting your e-mails .I really would like to try this hypnosis thing, because ever other thing i try doesn,t seem to work .I am around 65 pds over-wieght but it feels like 200lbs.I used to be able to a least walk a good distance but now i can bearly walk 2 blocks my doctor is really worry about cause i when downhill so fast.I have lung problems,back,knees andtype 2 dieaties witch do not run in my family at all i also copd and Ibs bowels i am very sorry to have to tell you all of this but it is true.So from the bottom of my heart i hope i have a chance of winning. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE CAROL

    • Jon says:

      @Carol: Hi Carol… Well, It sounds like life is really being pretty hard on you right now, and I’m sorry to hear this. I’m sending you an email to your personal account… look for it. I’m including some helpful things. Jon

  4. Julie says:

    I’ve followed your EODD day for several weeks and found success! I was feeling good (have 20lbs to loose) and was getting back into my exercise routine. Then the stress of raising two teenage boys, the loss of my spouses job and stresses of my job took over-gone were the pounds I had shed and my commitment to live a more healthy lifestyle. I would love a chance to try hypnosis to become more focused and finally achieve a healthly lifestyle for life!

    • Jon says:

      @Julie: Thanks Julie, and I’m thrilled that Every Other Day Diet is working so well for you. Seems like you only needed that extra edge of focus. If you did not get Power of Thin, do this: Check out The Hypnosis Network… here is a direct link: They have a program called “Enjoying Weight Loss” I highly recommend as well as a great pain relief product I’ve used often… and with two teenage boys you may have some serious back pain from all that laundry. : ) At least my mom did. Keep me posted.

  5. Dee Trethewey says:

    I have always been interested in alternative health and hypnosis is something I’ve always wanted to try but so far haven’t.

    My main problem is finding the motivation, especially as it is now nearing Winter (I’m in the southern hemisphere) If it’s too cold and miserable outside I tend to stay inside and devour “comfort food” instead of exercising! Which I KNOW would help me feel and look beter.

    Procrastination, that’s always been my downfall!

    • Jon says:

      @Dee Trethewey: Dee, Tony Robbins had a great quote for procrastination: “Just put it off… just for today. Put off procrastination. After all you are already good at it!” I love that reframe! See if it helps. I posted a video on comfort foods: Emotional Eating Video. I think you’ll relate to this story. Hope this helps!

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi Jon,
    Well I have followed your philosophies for years thru EODD and 7 Minute Muscle. I have struggled after having had thyroid cancer, with weight gain/regulation and then age catching up. Lost 2 sizes in May last year on the Radical Fat Loss Blueprint; maintained it through November then my doctor decided to ‘fiddle’ with my thyroid meds and I started putting the weight back on. Then I ended up doing some ‘I’m not happy with myself’ eating and the weight started coming back. The holidays didn’t help but I have never gained 10 lbs over the holidays!! So I am both working with my doctor to fix the meds but need something additional to help counteract the ‘I’m not happy’ or ‘I deserve it’ eating mentality that I seem to have gravitated to. By the way, thank you so much for your continued dedication to helping the rest of us reach our goals, be healthy and fit!

    • Jon says:

      @Michelle: First of all, kudos for all the work you’ve put into this. Second, sorry to hear about your thyroid. Do you have your doc run reverse T3/T4 tests and ask him/her about Armour Thyroid. Ping me back and let me know if you have M-Power or not; that would help the negative programming that’s going on right now. I’ve posted many links to hypnosis sites on these replies if you want to take that route, but let’s get that mental and physical back in alignment, shall we? And, you’re more than welcome… I’m thrilled to be part of your journey. : )

  7. Cathy says:

    It seems that no matter how many times I say “this time I’m going to stick to my diet” (whatever diet it is I’m trying this time), I’m good for about 2 or 3 days and then my bad habits come creeping back. I’ve tried so may diet pills in an attempt to cut my appetite or make me less focused on food, but they never, ever work. I’m hoping that hypnosis will help to push my appetite or that constant need to always eat to the back of my mind, and that I’ll eat ONLY when I’m hungry. I truly want to have a healthy relationship with food.

    • Jon says:

      @Cathy: I suggest giving my $5 (less than that) M-Power Audios a shot and see if my style of combining audio with a form of NLP and hypnotic language works for you. The first audio is a true life-changer. Check it out here: 21 Days of M-Power For Less Than $5. Keep me posted. As for focus, try this: Write your goals down on the back of a business card. NO LARGER. This forces you to distill your life and fitness goals to a 3.5×2 inch area. Then carry it around and read it 3x per day. This is the same advice I’ve given in other posts (sorry folks, but some of these will be duplicate replies, just always with a personal note!) but that’s because it WORKS.

      Remember: We ALL have a relationship with food. You said it right; You need a ‘healthy’ relationship with food. I think these tools can help get you there. Thanks!

  8. Sharon Christian says:

    Why should I win the free hypnosis kit, I am a 59 yr old woman who has tried every diet there ever was. I need to lose the weight and start eating a more healthy way. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and have problems with exercising. I have thought about hypnosis before but never have tried it, now is my time.

    • Jon says:

      @Sharon Christian: Hi Sharon… I suggest you ‘start’ with some pain relief for the knees. I’ve been sharing a website with others (I do not own this site and it’s a direct link to the site) that offers all kinds of hypnosis products, including one I use personally for pain in my joints. Here’s the link: I suggest you start there, then you may FEEL like working out, dieting, etc. Jon

  9. Stacy says:

    Simply put…I believe in the product!

  10. Lynn Stonehocker says:

    Hi Jon!!

    You have been such a mentor for me! You are inspirational, motivating, insightful, caring, and honest!! Pretty much everything that you have suggested to all of us to do or to buy, has been soooooo right on and I have bought almost all of what you have recommended. I am very excited about the hypnosis kit. I am a single parent with 2 daughters who actually really listen to your M-Power talks with me-it’s a great time spent together and I know they are getting tools to use for the rest of their lives! The hypnosis kit fits in soooo well with my girls and me. My body is doing “the change” and I feel like I I have no control anymore about what’s going on with it. I truly believe that hypnosis would really be the key to help me!! Also, while you are reading this, I would like to bring to your attention that I ordered your 7-minute workout and I actually never received it and I have been so sad because I’m it’s incredible! My order number is DE4K2CFW.
    Thank you so much Jon!

    Lynn Stonehocker

    • Jon says:

      @Lynn Stonehocker: Thanks so much Lynn! I am moved by your kind words… really. The fact that your daughters listen to M-Power makes my day!

      First, the hypnosis: I’m going to email you personally after I post this so I can send your 7MM book to you (don’t know what happened there, but it was probably lost in email transit.) Let me know by email if you got The Power of Slim. If not I’ll make the same recommendation I’ve made to many here: (direct link to the site.) I love their stuff.

      You rock! Keep it up… Jon

  11. Robert Roger Lewis says:

    I am age 73 and a member of a social group aged 65 and older. I would like to remarry, but have had a hard time getting dates. There are fewer men than women, and there are women who would marry anyone with a pulse, who could walk. But the really sharp ones have been turning me down.
    I asked two men friends if I had BO, or bad breath, or if chivalry, with me, was dead. They said, “Not so far. But, there is a problem. You have a big belly. You know that our group is fairly sophisticated and knowledgable. These women know that men with big bellies don’t live very long, especially when in their 70′s. They want to get married as much as anyone, but a common comment we hear is, ‘I’ve already buried a husband, (or two), so I’m not going to get romantic with a man who is sure to die fairly soon.
    Please help me. I need to get my belly flat. I need a Romantic Rescue!!!

    • Jon says:

      @Robert Roger Lewis: Wow Robert, you are an inspiration! I love the fact you’re still wanting to date at 73. Okay, big-belly rescue… first, are you using a diet plan? Naturally I recommend my own: Every Other Day Diet (there’s a video presentation there.) But if you do not use mine, use one that restricts carbs without cutting out your favorite foods at least once a week. I prefer 2-3 times per week like EODD suggests. Second, stop with the “die soon” bit… you may live to 100… and that’s an entire NEW life. : ) Third, walk…and walk some more. Walk if your doc allows it and you can, of course, but if you can, walk. It burns fat. If you want to try hypnosis, do this: Check out The Hypnosis Network… here is a direct link: They have a program called “Enjoying Weight Loss” I highly recommend as well as a great pain relief product I’ve used often. At 73 pain is an issue I’m sure. Keep me posted!

  12. Sue says:

    Hi, I’m 126lb overweight and after going to the gym for 5 months now I’m fitter than I’ve ever been but cannot give up eating despite trying Paul McKenna and some other hypnosis plans, so I’ve love to try your hypnosis plan and see if that will work where others have failed.

    • Jon says:

      @Sue: It may not Sue, and that’s because not everyone can be hypnotized. I posted this earlier, but I suggest giving my $5 (less than that) M-Power Audios a shot and see if my style of combining audio with a form of NLP and hypnotic language works for you. The first audio is a true life-changer. Check it out here: 21 Days of M-Power For Less Than $5. Keep me posted.

  13. Petro says:

    I am one of those people who eat for emotional reasons. I have tried the EODD and lost a few kilos, but with my divorce two years ago and caring for my two kids alone, was a lot of ups and downs for me. I have always believed that if I can program my brain to think in another way, that would work for me. When reading the part were you lie ia the hammock I was already relaxed and love the path I walked to get there. I think one can also become more focussed on what is important. Sorry I am a day late but I was attending a whole day meeting, and I received the email on my working email.

    • Jon says:

      @Petro: Have you seen my video on emotional eating? If not go here: Emotional Eating Video. I think you’ll relate to this story. As for focus, try this: Write your goals down on the back of a business card. NO LARGER. This forces you to distill your life and fitness goals to a 3.5×2 inch area. Then carry it around and read it 3x per day. Great tip!

  14. Antonia Hole says:

    Hi Jon,
    I receive your letters with the helpfull tips which are a great help and I tried the EODD which for the first time in my life (60yrs ) has helped me to shed pounds without going hungry and at last I am able to eat healthier, but still include the food that I enjoy eating. Now I have reached a point and am stuck and cannot lose any more,It could be because I am at the moment going tru a bad physical patchand mentally I am not so peacefull at the moment, and hope maybe by hypnosis I could overcome this and start losing the lbs again.

    Jon thanks a million for your help.

    • Jon says:

      @Antonia Hole: Glad to hear Every Other Day Diet works so well for you! (I hear that a lot… ; ) You do get to that dreaded sticking point… most of us do. The key is to shock the body usually, but with what you’re going through mentally that may not be wise. If you did NOT get Power of Thin, here’s what I’m recommending to many here on the blog: Check out The Hypnosis Network… here is a direct link: They have a program called “Enjoying Weight Loss” I highly recommend.

  15. Lorraine says:

    I have successfully shed 25 pounds. I am a very petite person so it took me about a year to do this. I really had to restrict myself and stick to a 1200 calorie diet. Now two years later I have put 10 of those pounds back on. I am a runner so I find it very difficult to eat lower calories and keep up my energy level. Add the fact that it is getting harder because I am now 46 years old. I need some help with this. It is not weight that needs to go, it is 10 pounds of stubborn body fat!

  16. Carol says:

    Hello my name is Carol, I am 59 years old, 4 ft 11 inches tall and weigh an incredible 120 kilos, (I dont know what that is in pounds), which means that I am obese,do you know how hard it is to actually admit that, you see it but you dont see it, I know that sounds crazy but its true. In December I will be 60 years old, so this year will be my year, and I have made the decision to change. I started going to the gym and have embarked on a strength training and cardio program, so far I have lost 15 kilos. I have also changed the way I eat and what I eat and have become more aware of what it is I am putting into my mouth. I love this and wished I had done this years ago, however I am doing something positive for me NOW. Oh yes, before I forget, I also gave up smoking, I used to smoke 2 packs of 25 a day. I know this is going to be a very long journey for me, and if I am lucky enough to win Power of Thin and the audio series, it would be a wonderful help in remaining focussed and positive. Thank you

    • Jon says:

      @Carol: Hi Carol, first let me say CONGRATS on your decision NOT to let “age” stop you. 60 means ‘nothing’ — your attitude towards it means everything. One of my fitness heros is 75; Clarence Bass. ( Age, smage! Yes, you have a journey ahead of you but it’s a thrilling one. Moments of frustration? Sure… but many, many moments of pleasure and feeling better than you have in decades. Every Other Day Diet will definitely help if you don’t have it already. As for hypnosis, I’ve been sharing a direct link to The Hypnosis Network ( as I love their stuff. Now even Michael (the owner) will tell you: Diet and movement must be used with hypnosis, but you have already started in that direction. And way to GO quitting smoking! Keep me posted.

  17. Kirsten Ryan Meaney says:

    After having my two beautiful girls I am still carrying too much weight. The excess fat that I am carrying is affecting my health. Having a history of heart problems in my family, I exercise 5 – 6 times each week, watch what I eat and have managed to lose 15 kilos but I still have another 8 to go in order to get my BMI within the healthy range. I really believe that hypnosis is what I need to break through my plateau, change my lifestyle and bring the health back into my home.

    • Jon says:

      @Kirsten Ryan Meaney: Kirsten, the first thing I suggest is to ignore BMI. Go by body fat. I’m “obese” on the BMI scale! Obviously this isn’t the case. 8 kg is not much at all, and you owe your continued success (congrats on the 15!) to your kiddos. Check out The Hypnosis Network… here is a direct link: They have a program called “Enjoying Weight Loss” I recommend as well.

  18. Mary says:

    I have tried for yonks to take off the extra kilos which have crept up on me after taking up a desk job. Stress and inactivity, and the end-of-day exhaustion have severely limited my enthusiasm for exercise. The heavy snow and long dark winter months do not help. I know that hypnosis works for most people and have invested in several courses already, without result. I think I must be immune to suggestion. I would be interested to see whether this form of hypnotism works for me. I would like to drop about 20 kilos – a dream. Can you make it work?

    • Jon says:

      @Mary: Here’s something that’s even less expensive than the hypnosis CDs, as it sounds like you may not be able to be hypnotized. Go to and there you will find my first 3 M-Power Audios for less than $5. Try the program and see if this doesn’t help you reboot. I promise, you will not look at ‘suggestion’ in the same light again. 20 kg is more than doable… you do need to diet (I take it you have that covered?) and move, but your mind governs all of this. Start there.

  19. Shelly says:

    I know I am a day late and a dollar short but my life has been so crazy I didn’t get to my email until now. I know I won’t win but I do want to get this. I have lost 27 lbs and have been stuck for the last 3 months with no weight loss. I listen to the secret and I know the power of the mind is strong. I just need the rediculous price your offering. I had half my thyroid removed and that messed up my weight pretty bad. Help!!!

    • Jon says:

      @Shelly: Sorry to hear about your thyroid. Do you have your doc run reverse T3/T4 tests and ask him/her about Armour Thyroid. RE: the hypnosis… sorry you missed the date too, but here’s my advice: Check out The Hypnosis Network… here is a direct link: They have a program called “Enjoying Weight Loss” I highly recommend as well as a great pain relief product I’ve used often.

  20. John says:

    I am ready to try hypnosis because I have tried, or tried to try, many other things. but I always self-sabotage. I make big plans, then never execute. For the last ten years I have had two constant ideas in my head. 1.) I am a square peg in a round hole. I am in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing and I need to change desperately, for me, for my wife, and for my son. And 2.) I feel like a coiled spring is inside me somewhere, but I cannot figure out how to release it. Maybe I have no executive function, or I have adult ADHD. But I am smart, I have two degrees, but I am tired, out-of-shape, and getting worse. I want to look deep inside, find the key, and unlock all that power.

    • Jon says:

      @John: Hi John… if you didn’t get the Power of Thin, here’s what I recommend: Check out The Hypnosis Network… here is a direct link: They have a program called “Enjoying Weight Loss” I highly recommend. Also, I recommend that you try an exercise: Write your own obituary. I know that sounds morbid, but it’s an eye-opening exercise. What do you want your loved ones to read after you pass from this world? THAT changed my perspective on things in a drastic way. Try it.

  21. Jami says:

    My weight loss crusade could sure use some help! I have been exercising 5-6 times a week, and trying to eat right, for over 7 months now. I’ve lost a lot of weight, and gained a lot of lean muscle, but I still struggle daily with my food issues.

    Growing up, my mother (who is heavy herself) thought that she could keep us kids from battling the same problems by removing “snacking”. We were only allowed to eat during the 3 meals she cooked per day, so we learned very quickly to get as much into our stomachs as we could whenever food was available. We also started to binge eat whenever she stepped out of the house for a moment- we would ransack the cupboards and eat anything we could- nuts, dried pasta, dried fruit, bread crumbs before she came back.

    Rationally, I know that as an adult, I can control when I have food. I know that I can have food whenever I’m hungry, but my mind still craves food constantly, even after I’ve *just* finished a meal. I hope that hypnosis can help my mind find peace and can help me find a place where I can think, “I’m full now” instead of “What if there isn’t anything to eat for the rest of the day?”

  22. Julia says:

    I really need to lose weight! I want to win these stuff this summer vacation because I’ll surely be busy when school year begins (I’ll have no time to exercise)

    • Jon says:

      @ Julia: What have you tried? Have you check out my Every Other Day Diet System? Use the Extreme Plan like I do. That’s the best diet in the world (naturally I am bias… ; ) You’ll need the book for details, but here’s an overview: 4-5 days with no starch or sugar; protein, healthy fats and veggies only. I cut my food intake in half every other day… or at least by 1/3 to keep my calories varied. Then after 4-5 days I “carb up” by eating whatever I want for a meal or two… but that’s it. Then repeat. It’s more detailed than that, but at least you’ll get started. Hopefully you’ll check out the book for other plans too. : )

  23. Bonnie H. Johnson says:

    I am so disappointed I missed the cut off date. I was hoping to get the hypnosis system. I use to meditate and it made such a difference in my emotional state. I have a very stressful job and was hoping to try hypnosis to help with stress and weight loss.

    • Jon says:

      @ Bonnie H. Johnson: Hi Bonnie… sorry you missed the date too. I am posting several other resources (these are direct links) in these comments. I do highly suggest I know Michael (the owner) personally and they have a tremendous library of quality hypnosis products.

  24. Stacie Suter says:

    I would like to try the hypnosis technique because nothing else seems to be working! I am a single working Mom with not alot of time on my hands. I think about working out or joining a gym alot but the reality is I JUST DON’T HAVE TIME! Seriously… It sounds like an excuse but it is a reality in my life right now. I do walk every day and try to do a little workout in the morning but I am just not seeing the results I want. I recently went to a party for my Mom’s 74th B-day and was told to bring a bathing suit for the hot tub but when I tried my multiple bathing suits on I opted for shorts and a t-shirt! I am 46 so losing the weight at this age seems almost impossible!

    • Jon says:

      @ Stacie Suter: Hi Stacy… I hear you re: time. That’s the number one reason I wrote 7 Minute Muscle — to give a solid solution to the short-on-time problem. I’m 46 as well, so don’t say that! : ) Seriously, 46 means ‘nothing’. I am in the best shape (stronger and leaner) of my life at 46, and plan to be better at 50. You can do it… you just need a good plan that keeps your time hyper-focused.

  25. Veronica Serrano says:

    Weight-loss has proven not to be a one approach thing. To truly effect change it has to be approached holistically for long-term impact. This means lifestyle changes. Lifestyle involves not only the physical, but, the mental and psychological realms. Dieting and exercise takes care of the physical. For the mental and psychological realms, hypnosis can create a big impact because it re-aligns thought processes and self-acceptance. My piece meal approach to weight loss has not worked for me. And as I age, I believe that a holistic approach is what I need to change my lifestyle choices. So I am hoping that both programs – yours and hypnosis – done in tandem, will be the magic pill for me.

  26. Jon says:

    Wow… I have my work cut out for me folks! I am picking the two remaining winners today… but remember you are ALL winners (everyone who commented) as you will get the Jon Benson-only discount: I’ll send that link out to you today. Less than $20 for the entire Power of Thin Hypnosis System, just for posting.

    Okay, I’m closing the posts as of now. Thank you SO much for participating.

    And one more thing… but I am asking for patience with this one:

    After reading every comment so far I have decided that each of you deserve a response. Not a “one response fits all”, but a personal response to each and every post — all 626 of them.

    Yikes. I may set a world record for blog post replies. In fact, I’m looking into this… who knows!

    It will take me a while obviously. But it’s the LEAST I can do (other than offer the Power of Thin Kit to you for less than $20 of course… something anyone can afford.)

    In my replies I will give you specific attention. IF I feel that a specific book or product will help you I will include it in the reply, even if it is NOT my own book. This isn’t about selling stuff… this is about addressing your needs.

    All I ask is that you pass this page around once you get your answer… IF you think the answer helps you. Perhaps your friends may find an answer to a problem they are having as well. Deal?

    Okay, I’m preparing for carpel tunnel therapy after this, so wish me luck. I’ll send out an email letting everyone know about the posts when finished.

    Thanks again!

    Jon Benson

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  28. John Ryzak says:

    High Jon, I can’t tell you why I’m ready to try hypnosis for my weight issues, because I don’t really have one,
    6′ 175lbs 49yrs going on 39, but I think I know what makes one person ready, while another person might not be. Its like this, what ever the result your seeking from hypnosis, whether it be weight loss, stop smoking, or what ever, for it to work, you have to want it bad, I mean with every ounce of your being, you have to want it on a conscious level, on a unconscious level, on every level. or it won’t work. So as far as weight loss is concerned, I’m thinking, and i could be wrong,–naaaa, that if a person is privy to all the information that you have available, and after a reasonable period of time are still having weight loss issues, then they don’t want it bad enough anyway, so screw the hypnosis, Its not going to work. That being said I’m not sure hypnosis truly can help anyone with there weight loss, unless another issue is hampering there efforts. Anyway love your stuff jon,
    john out

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