My “Dirty” Physique Shots

Hey… HEY! Keep your mind out of the gutter!

By “dirty” I mean down and dirty… as in taken with my crappy iPhone camera by my friend and guru trainer Roland… while looking into a mirror… with no lighting, tan…

Well, you get the point.

Here’s an example… this was me listening to Nine Inch Nail’s song Vessel so I wasn’t exactly all-smiles… but I like listening to aggressive music when I train. My training partner/trainer Roland took this shot while I was staring in the mirror contemplating the next Smith Machine Press set with only 40 seconds of rest and using 225 pounds… yikers… my aching delts!

Dirty Pic: Jon's chest, delts, arms... safe for work... : )

Keep reading… I’ll explain.

First, notice the definition in the arms, delts, and chest… (kidding… : )

But I really am in the best shape of my career, or rather heading that way, carrying almost 30 pounds more muscle than my pictures from Fit Over 40 (taken right before my 40th birthday).


What Gives?
A 7-Day Deal, That’s What!

Before I get to the REAL deal, I want you to get this:

I started my peak-cycle training only 3 weeks ago!

I’ve dropped almost 10 pounds of pure fat and added 2.7 pounds of lean mass during that time.

This, without drugs, at the age of almost 47.

I plan to have a ‘real’ photo shoot on my birthday, October 14th. So I’m WAY ahead of the curve.

Here’s a few more shots to let you see my progress…

Dirty Pic: Jon's calves and triceps plus side-chest... safe for work... : )

Dirty Pic: Jon's legs... safe for work... : )

Crapy, crappy iPhone pics… I know… but hey, give me a tan and a studio and I’d look better, not worse… so why not show you what I see in the mirror? It’s more fun that way. And more honest, although I do enjoy real photo shoots.

Now For The Really Good Part…

After these shots I enjoyed a huge slice of Key Lime Pie (my favorite) and some cheesy bread later in the day.

You see, I practice what I preach in regards to My Every Other Day Diet System of Eating … and that’s not all:

I trained my abs and calves today. Abs: 3 Minutes (using 3 Minute Abs, which comes with 7 Minute Muscle (it’s a whopping 1 page long… but worth the price of the book.)

Calves: 7 minutes (using the 7MM protocol.)

Are you getting the picture folks? This combo of diet and training WORKS.

Just For Bodybuilders?

Hardly. In fact I wrote both books for the masses. I just included advanced sections in each for athletes and bodybuilders like me.

Let’s be blunt: If you want “any” amount of muscle added to your frame (and you should… muscle burns calories around the clock and creates those nice curves you want) then you need to train with resistance. The only difference between the way I train and the way most people (non-bodybuilders) train is the level of intensity and (in my case) I train a bit longer than my 14-minute protocol during a peak. But as you can see, I’m already IN near-peak condition before my longer bouts begin in the gym. Body fat: 6.2% (measured with calipers.) Weight: 214 pounds.

Again, not bad for a (nearly) 47-year-old natural athlete!

But this isn’t about me… well, it kinda is as these shots were so “dirty” I really dig ‘em… I like the raw look better than the studio shots most of the time… : ) No way…

This Is About YOU!

I’ve combined both The Every Other Day Diet and 7 Minute Muscle (also called “7 Minute Body”) for a price that’s less than the original “7 Minute Muscle” … that’s hard to beat, and it won’t last but another week.

That’s right: EODD will no longer feature a discounted version of “7 Minute Muscle” starting NEXT WEEK. Sorry… all good things…

Also… and The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint, which currently comes with EODD for FREE, will be taken off the freebie shelf for good.

So, if you want:

1. The Every Other Day Diet (the EODD Plan I use is included, called “The Extreme Plan”)

2. 7 Minute Body (the workouts I use 50% of the time; the other 50% I like to train longer than 7-14 minutes because I’m a gym rat… but you DON’T HAVE TO… really. : )

3. AND The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint FREE (this is how I dropped so much fat so quickly… and you can shed up to 21 pounds in 21 days if you really work at it and you follow the supplement cycle)

Then go here and watch my video presentation on EODD:

My Every Other Day Diet System of Eating

After you purchase EODD you’ll be taken to a page to get 7 Minute Body at a massive discount… and you will ALSO get The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint FREE.

This ends next week… hop to it.

Your comments are welcome below… I’ll try to answer questions pertaining to training, EODD, 7MM, etc… but bear in mind I’m speaking at a fitness gathering this weekend so I’ll be hit and miss on my laptop.

Now there’s a better way to train (faster) and diet (with your favorite foods used as TOOLS to force more fat-burning)… it’s up to you to take it.

My Every Other Day Diet System of Eating

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16 Responses to “My “Dirty” Physique Shots”

  1. Per says:

    Hmm… I don’t seem to get anyware where it says that the 7MM is included with the EODD, will it be automatically or is there an additional link needed?

    Also, is the EODD in metric units as well or american only?

    Hi Per,

    I’ll make that more clear… when you get EODD you get the option to include 7 Minute Body for $29; the normal book/videos are $77, so this is a substantial discount.

    EODD is in grams… BUT not really, as my system (SNAPP) uses your body weight rather than grams to calculate your foods. Still, for the exceptions, you can easily do a web search and convert ounces to grams. : )

  2. Sean says:

    Looking good Jon! I’m cutting right now and starting to see all the muscle that I have been working so hard on.

    So what are your measurements now?

    Thanks Sean! I have no idea re: measurements… I’m not that vain.

    (50″ chest, 16″ arms cold, 17.5″ flexed, 31″ thighs… ; )

    Okay, so I’m vain… keep up the cutting! Jon

  3. Thaddeus says:

    Hi Jon Benson,

    I’ve purchased both your 7 minute muscle and EODD and read it several times over. Now I was wondering if it was possible to build muscle and burn fat SIMULTANEOUSLY with the EODD diet plan with a 3-day per week training program. EODD calls for alternate feed days on the simplest plan, so if I were to have an intense workout right before EVERY feed meal and have a “burn-day” the next day, will I be able to build muscle and burn fat at the same time?

    Hi Thaddeus… absolutely yes. My friend and colleague Tom Venuto used to disagree, but now he sees it my way after I’ve proven it with countless examples… : ) My own progress: 10 pounds of fat gone, almost 4 pounds of muscle… at the same time.

    If you trained before your feed meals… yes… that’s the key. Thanks! Jon

  4. Julia says:

    Looking pretty good for an old man Jon! Actually looking damn good if you were a twenty something year old!

    Ha! Hey, I don’t even look a day over 45… ; )

  5. Alan says:

    Looking good Jon. You definitely should update your photos as soon as you can though.
    BTW at 47 you should be just hitting your peak, I’m 53 and building muscle daily.

    Rock on Alan! Yeah, I’ll be doing a mini studio shot (and some promo stuff where I have to be in shape anyway) in 6 weeks, but my big peak is in October where I want to crack ripped at 200, which I’ve never done. And I do mean “ripped.” : ) Jon

  6. Maureen Cuscuna says:

    Hey Jon,

    I already have EODD AND RFLB. How/or can I purchase just the 7MM only? I am 66 and between you and Tom Venuto, I plan on a whole new me in the near future. One more quick question. Is there a place where I can email you re: off-topic topics :), without tying up these comment areas? Am a newbie, so please bear with me. Thanks!!!


    Hi Maureen!

    Thanks for the email, and the kind words re: Tom and I. I’ll send you an email now… but to answer your question, you can purchase 7 Minute Muscle by clicking that link. : )


    P.S. This version gives you all the videos too… including the advance videos which are not available with 7MB.

  7. Maureen Cuscuna says:

    PS: Jeez, almost forgot…WOW, fantastic pics! You look amazing for ANY age!!

    Thanks so much! ; )

  8. Alan says:

    I have been on your site for years. I NEED your help ,Please .

    Alan, sent you an email… looking forward to hearing back! Jon

  9. Shileen says:

    Lookin’ good Jon! Amazing what you can do in 3 weeks…. you are quite the inspiration!!

    Thanks so much Shileen! Always great to hear from you, btw… how’s everything? Drop me an email to catch me up. Jon

  10. Mem says:

    Hello Jon, recently purchased EODD since I was pleased with the progress I am making on the 7MM programme. Ironically by eating less and enjoying whatever I want on feed days I do not feel deprived. I use your 7MM protocols morning and late afternoon, then some evenings I go and train martial arts. I wonder how can I fine tune EODD to my routine better. In other words not too sure whether resistance training or martial arts training requires more of my carbs allowance. Appreciate your comments. Best, Mem

    Hi Mem!

    Fantastic to hear… and yes, a lot of people report that using Every Other Day Diet protocols they naturally eat less. There’s a trick in there: I use foods that wear out the jaw muscles during the day, so there’s less munching at night. Also, protein blunts the appetite, so the diet resets your natural appetite control mechanisms.

    You can increase your carbs (try low-sugar fruits first, then if you need to, unprocessed starches) to compensate for your martial arts.



    P.S. If you need more customization, be sure to check out our new personal coaching page and give that a whirl. Our trainers all work for me and they’re all fantastic at customizing any of my systems for your lifestyle needs.

  11. phil Follett says:

    Jon i admire your work and love 7 minute muscle, but i got to be honest i must be the thinkest guy on the planet coz i read every other day diet…. and i didn’t get it at all…it just didn’t click, i started with the plan but was confused as to when to eat what, made me want the first edition as you mention that it was alot more ridgid. anyway you look great, well done

    Hi Phil! Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. Some people report that, and so we’re doing two things: First, we’re coming out with EODD 3.0 this year (free to anyone who owns EODD 2.0) and that will make things easier. Second, we DO offer coaching here: Jon Benson Coaching. Our trainers can work with you for a month or a year… up to you… but it’s the best small investment you can make as we can now personalize EODD, 7MM, etc. to fit YOUR lifestyle.



  12. Sean says:

    31″ thighs? Damn! They do look about that size, nice! So, are you squatting or leg pressing for size? If so how much? 225lbs for front or rear presses? How much for DB presses? What is your bench up to thee days? Taking any new supplements? You definately look thicker than the last time we shared photos. ;-) Sorry, just curios!

    Heh… got you on that one… : ) They’re 29 inches, but I’m aiming for 31… : ) No squats in about a year. Leg presses mostly; 10-12 plates a side for intense sets. 225 for front presses… never do rears as they’re too hard on the rotators. DB presses: 90s for delts for sets of 10. The only supplements I take other than creatine are my Radical Fat Loss Supplements, most of which are now part of my own JBF Supplement Line.

    I have a home gym so I have to squat, but my lower back (old disc herniation) will not allow me to go too heavy. I would love to have a leg press!

    Yeah, I still love to squat… in fact I’ll be starting again during my peak but I laid off due to the fact my legs grow easier and I wanted to concentrate on calves… finally getting them in balance with the thighs. Zane did the same thing, so hey… : )

    Currently my quads are at 26.5″, but I have very small bones (7″ wrist, 9″ ankles) so they look pretty big. Now that my waist has shrunk, my 54.5″ shoulder girth and 49.5″ chest (mostly lats) gives me the nice “V” shape. I am a bit weaker due to strict dieting, but I like the ripped look, so I am keeping it! ;-)

    Very nice! Looking forward to the next series of shots, Sean.


  13. Luis Sousa says:

    hey Jon, I have both the eodd 2.0 and 7mm. Just wanted to know if I can get the updated 7mm and the first edition of the eodd(want to make a judgement about h.o.m.e vs snapp) thanks alot
    ps. almost 30 pounds of muscle in your fourties is an insane amount of muscle, especialy in an advanced trainer, way to go Benson man

    Hey Luis! 30 pounds… WOW. Congrats… and it’s just more proof that 7 Minute Muscle works and works like a charm. Undertrain but over-intensify: That’s the secret. The rest is diet, as you know.

    You can get BOTH the updated versions of 7MM and EODD in the member’s area free, of course. I always give my readers lifetime updates. I’ll email you the URLs in case you forgot.



  14. Rob says:

    Jon, Will we be notified via email of EEOD 3.0( I have 2.0) ? I actually wanted examples of what YOU eat while on the extreme plan. You do give guidelines but it seems you do not follow SNAPP on burn days. I guess my point is: EODD is great I just want every detail with examples on how you apply the extreme plan for bodybuilding.Thanks

    Hi Rob! Yes, you sure will… and it will be free if you own Every Other Day Diet 1 or 2. : )


  15. Pam says:

    Pam in Virginia here. You look great and I hope you are still enjoying your Honeymoon period in your new home in Austin. Be good for each other and take care of yourselves. I’m a true admirer of your dedication to health, your customers, your business and your marketing skills. Blessings.

    • Jon says:

      Thanks so much Pam! We both appreciate the kind words. Austin is ‘wonderful’… and we are enjoying the new place. Tyler the Dog is even adjusting. : )

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