Your Daring, New Life (And The Loss Of An Icon)

Jack LaLanne, A True American IconThe world lost one of its best friends yesterday. I lost one of my heroes. Fitness icon and pioneer Jack LaLanne passed away after a very short struggle with pneumonia and complications from the disease. He was 96, and he worked out up until the very day he got sick.

Folks, fitness is not JUST about trying to live longer… it’s about trying to live BETTER.

Jack lived better than most people ever could. He lived more in a day than an unhealthy, passionless person lives in their entire lifetime.

I ask you to do three things in the free audio below.

I also discuss major changes in the way I’ll be doing business and providing free content to you in the coming year.

Oh… it’s unscripted. Raw. Safe for work… but still unedited. From the heart.

A tad too personal?… Perhaps.

You tell me:

Thank you, and Jack… R.I.P. Your influence and legacy will never die… and in that, rest assured, your image is still very much alive and kicking.

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74 Responses to “Your Daring, New Life (And The Loss Of An Icon)”

  1. Valerie says:

    Thank you sooo much!

    Thank you for the inspiration and showing us the 3 important steps we need to know to get started. Thank you mostly for saying and accepting, that alot of us, don’t have enough money, to even buy a book. Most online help, doesn’t acknowledge, those of us who can’t afford, to know what to do, or how to do it. I have alot to do today, I care for a woman who has Cancer for the 4th time, and her and I got wrapped up, or focused on fighting it. Today, you made me stop, and write down the 3 important things to think about, and I am leaving now, to share it with her. I think we should focus on your 3 steps, instead of the Cancer!!

    Thank you sooo much, for unselfishly sharing, what you have learned with us!

  2. joseph says:

    55years ago, I remember jack, I saw him on tv, and today i have a juicer that i don’t use. I am on the dsp program and after 60 days @19.0 lbs. loss. I am trying to move forward. This is special about JACK!!!He has been around so long!!! We will miss HIM!!!

  3. jed says:

    hi jon,

    first i would like to thank for ive found you the best trainor..jon..can i ask u to give me some great program workout in lossing fat, to have slim tone body for women ,flat abs..having nice glute,butt. for women..i need some help from you.thanks jon.

  4. shepherd says:

    Thanks for the very encouraging message and tribute to the legend of fitness.It is true that the idea behind keeping fit is to fully enjoy each hour and day we live.Because of other medical conditions or complications we may not all be able to live up yo a century but we will certainly mke the most of those three score and ten years the good lord gave us.Keep up the good work!

  5. Denise says:

    I remember exercising with my mom to Jack LaLane when I was little and doing those famous jumping jacks that the military named after him during WWII. Did anyone know that Jack was a chiropractor? That’s right! He believed that you healed the body from the inside out. That’s the way he was trained and lived his life. We should all take a lesson from that.

  6. Tracy says:

    Just wanted you to know that I’ve been at a stand-still (due to a major mental rut) for the past 4 months, struggling to hold on to a few basic elements of a healthy lifestyle that you helped me find a couple years ago. The circumstances aren’t important. What IS important is that I listened to this audio message and found myself nodding and talking to myself out loud about it being time to act and stop thinking!!! It’s time to just DO. Thank you for helping to bring me back to the mindset that I want to have. It’s the foundation for the all the other parts of my life. Thank you and many blessings to you.

  7. kenneth fitzpatrick says:

    Jack LaLanne was truly a remarkleable man,who had a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTIUDE he will be surely missed.

  8. Dr. Nicolas Rao says:

    Thank you for the talk. It was very inspiring. It helped my resolve get better. I am almost 60 and have decided not to live another day without improving some part of health, and as you say my walks help me think and my life has become much richer from the day, I stopped thinking about it and started walking. Now it is much more than walking, but your words lit up my thoughts with ever so many good things.
    I am a praying man and often get close to God in my meditating and praying while walking. Sometimes it is hair raising as the inspiration fills your body with a warm glow and you feel so good it is hard to describe.
    I think you shared that very well. Thank you, and I will share it others too.
    God bless!

  9. Martha Wamalika says:

    He was my hero and I know that he lived for others and has died for others. “We don’t see ourselves while we live and we won’t see ourselves when we die”. So our lives belong to others. I will miss him very much. To appreciate his work, we have to carry forward that legacy to the future. God take care of his family.

  10. carl Lim says:

    I remember watching the Jack Lalanne show as a kid when TV was black & white in the 60s and 70s in Malaysia. He had a great body and sang at the end of the show, with his dog showing up.. ” It’s time to leave you… let’s say goodbye, these precious moments just seem to here’s my wish for you..may the good Lord bless you la la la la”. Classic moments ! Jack , may you R.I.P.

  11. sid says:

    just lovely, Jon. Thanks very much for your “just talking”. Not by chance listened today at a truly low point.usually I’m the one who gives the support, today I really needed to hear the same… So thanks from one heart, Sid
    o, and good for you for the straight talk re: the USA. Since the 80′s the nation was getting destroyed, bit by bit at their base of safety and health. May the nation that dared say, no more war and no more torture in our name in the 70′s find it’s heart and deepest health again, as it was beginning to do wasn’t about guns everywhere then but about helping, truly helping others who needed it.
    the “finally” qualifies you as a true divo! (a diva is someone who makes sure that every note is perfect no excuses, because they know it’s on their shoulders..Everyone else can make a mistake or three, but not them, no matter how they feel, what’s happen in their life before stepping on stage, who died, whatever might have been.Still, they step up to the plate and make it happen at their very best, no matter what..)

  12. Lisa says:

    Jon, thank you for taking the time to post this audio. I love how real and raw you always are. I am so sad to hear about Jack. I grew up thinking he was the epitome of health, and have and will always respect his drive, joy and fervor with which he lived his life. Cheers! That guy never made excuses. Everything good in life is worth fighting for, and worth working for. I especially liked what you said about finding your passion and going for it. I am still struggling with that and I will be putting a lot more energy toward discovering it.

    Thank you again and I look forward to hearing more great stuff from you. I love to spread the word about your programs and your energy.

    Lisa in San Diego

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