Your Daring, New Life (And The Loss Of An Icon)

Jack LaLanne, A True American IconThe world lost one of its best friends yesterday. I lost one of my heroes. Fitness icon and pioneer Jack LaLanne passed away after a very short struggle with pneumonia and complications from the disease. He was 96, and he worked out up until the very day he got sick.

Folks, fitness is not JUST about trying to live longer… it’s about trying to live BETTER.

Jack lived better than most people ever could. He lived more in a day than an unhealthy, passionless person lives in their entire lifetime.

I ask you to do three things in the free audio below.

I also discuss major changes in the way I’ll be doing business and providing free content to you in the coming year.

Oh… it’s unscripted. Raw. Safe for work… but still unedited. From the heart.

A tad too personal?… Perhaps.

You tell me:

Thank you, and Jack… R.I.P. Your influence and legacy will never die… and in that, rest assured, your image is still very much alive and kicking.

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74 Responses to “Your Daring, New Life (And The Loss Of An Icon)”

  1. Leslie Renz says:

    One of my earliest memories is watching my mom exercise with her rubber bands hanging off of the bedroom door to a Jack LaLanne show! I loved watching her exercise and I think it is why I LOVE to exercise to this day. My husband watched Jack’s juicing infomercial and got into juicing and has lowered his blood pressure to normal! Thanks to Jack from all of us!!

    • marci says:

      I used to exercise with my mom every morning! The show always started with jumping jacks ( named after Jack, by the way!) We had the exercise band on the door knob too! I still incorporate jumping jacks with small hand weights in more circuit training. Yes, because of this icon, I have passed an exercise legacy to my daughter and bought her a Jack Lalane Juicer for Christmas!

  2. Good stuff man and I feel the same way. Jack was sooooo far ahead of his time. I appreciate your personal message. Living better and being better is so true!

    I wrote a similar post today about what I learned from Jack.

    rock on and keep up the good work
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

  3. Manfred says:

    I to liked Jack LaLanne

  4. Tom Rodeffer says:

    Juicing isn’t what it is all cracked up to be. In his infor-commercial he looked like he was on too much carrot juice. Orange complexion, I believe they call that carrotonic poisioning. Though he loved his audiences and he was an icon to those who knew him and watched him. He will be missed, though not sure what brought on his illness, flu or his age caught up with him.

  5. Darlene says:

    I just yesterday downloaded the wallpaper with his saying “Nothing tastes as good as being lean feels”. Truly a remarkable person.

  6. Beth Anne says:

    Hey Jon – I have a very fond and fun memory of my mom getting me and any of my other brothers and sisters who were willing, and we’d turn on the TV when the Jack LaLanne show was on and we’d do the Chicken Fat dance with Jack! We had such a good time — I think I was 5 or 6 years old… and Jack has always been an inspiration to me – his life and memory will life on in my heart and the hearts of many, many people…..
    And I, too, have been experiencing a gap in my life and workout routine due to too much thinking. Last year was a very difficult one for me emotionally, and I’ve been doing a really lousy job at getting myself and my workout routine ‘restarted’ again… especially since I’ll be turning 50 in 6 short weeks (and about 12 pounds over where I would like to be)!! I have so many good excuses for not keeping my work out routine… I’m a single mom, work full time+ and am a full time student… and you know what… I still have spare time, and I’ve been stuck in this ridiculous rut – but I will tell you – since I’ve been listening to your message, and in honor of the great Jack LaLanne… I’m going to go and get my butt moving…. Thank you, and God Bless You!!

    • Terry Spivey says:

      Good for you Beth Anne ! ,

      your story sounds identical to mine ( the male equivelant ) .

      I’d like to hear of your progress and how you stay motivated.

  7. Terry Spivey says:

    Hey Jon
    Thanks so much for saying something so incredibly heart felt.
    Back in “61″ I watched my mom every morning clear out the living room and do jumping jacks and chair pushups with Jack Lalanne. It made a deep impression on me.

    Your inspiring ,drill-sargeant words would’ve made Jack proud. I linked it at my Facebook page.

    I wish there was some way I could upload what you said to my ipod.
    Can you convert it so it could be in an mp3 format ?

  8. Joanne says:

    I listened.
    I too started with just a walk.
    I built up to more thanks to the only gym in town that opened just when I was primed to move to my next level.
    Unfortunately it closed after 7 years. You don’t know how much I miss it.


    Help all the small towns. Take a tour of all the small towns of America starting with Belding Michigan.

    Bring to us, to our small town, your influence, your motivation, talk to our community leaders, to put in a community center for it residents to have a place to exercise, to have a place to go to for support to become fit.

    I have built a personal gym in my house, but its not the same when you belong to a fitness community.

    I exercise 6 out of 7 days. I do influence a few friends, they call on me to help them and inspire them.

    But I need personal help as well. I have gone thru some health issues over the last 4 years that have damaged the success that I had obtained from 1998 to 2006. Then I had breast cancer, then dealing with menopause, then a fall injury. I keep having to go back to rehabilitate myself instead of continue to build or re-build the muscle I lost. Struggling to stay under 135, and seeing my body change from age. I turned 50 in this year.

    Anyways I can ramble on just as much as you.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Joanne Strobel

    • Jon Benson says:

      Well, you ramble WELL … as do I…. : )

      For me, the best way to reach small town America is via the web. Obviously an in-person visit would be great, but such a tour is probably a year away. Until then, I’ll keep supplying solid content. Also, all of my workouts have been created to work in-home as well as in the gym, so that is an alternative.

      Best suggestion: Start with ‘another’ walk. I know about health issues, and the best place to start after a hard knock is with walking. Keep us posted.

  9. Jim says:

    Jack LaLanne was a true fitness pioneer who lived his life to the fullest. He embraced each day with passion, energy and excitement, which, sadly, not enough people do.

    Life goes by very quickly, so we all need to live more in the moment and savor each day, instead of always thinking about and worrying about the future.

  10. Mark says:

    Rest In Peace Jack LaLanne. I’m 55 and vividly remember watching you on TV hoping around like a possessed mad man! I loved it and your enthusiasm was contagious.

    And thank you Jon for paying tribute to a true fitness icon. And also for the ‘wake up call’ for us all. The clock is clicking. Decide and Act — Today!

    Good words!

  11. BarbR says:

    I, too, watched Jack LaLanne’s program when I was growing up. He was truly inspiring and his zest for life was one of the best things I liked about him–that and his white German Shepherds.
    I never reply to these things, but I wanted to tell you I enjoyed hearing the sincerity in your voice, Jon. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wow Jon – I can’t tell you how much your message hit home for me. Thank you for your heartfelt message.

    I have been feeling what you were talking about for many years. I have made changes in the last couple of years to realign myself with my passions and purpose, and am finding more joy in each day as a result. Last year I left full-time employment to start working independently, following the passing of my 96 year old Grandmother. One of her last words to me was “Selena, it went so fast.” 2010 was a roller coaster of a year where I jumped in and followed my passions, did lots of self-reflection, and also holed up avoiding living life fully.

    2011 will be another BIG transformational year, and I’m jazzed about that! I still need to really understand my passion and purpose, as there are a lot of things I am passionate about. Most simply though, I would say my purpose is to help people live happier, healthier, fuller lives, in whatever way I can help them. Life coach seems the closest fit, but coupled with fitness & nutrition coaching, organizational & team coaching in the business & technological domain, and helping people make connections within themselves and with others. But how to balance that with the software development & testing consulting I do?… :)

    Thank you again for your inspiration.

    - Selena

  13. Keith Koger says:

    Nice eulogy, Jon. I used to love to watch Jack working out with his dog, Happy! I think one of the points the nay-sayers are missing about Jack LaLanne is that he wasn’t infirm, he didn’t have dementia. If you’re telling me that exercise and eating healthy didn’t have everything to do with that, I think you need your head examined.

    Thanks for the audio, Jon. Good to hear someone who has read the book, “The Power of Full Engagement.” As an avid tennis player, it’s one of my favorites.

  14. Bev says:

    Bravo Jon! Loved this heartfelt talk and I have shared it.

    I have always had the utmost respect for Jack LaLanne and his legacy will live on and on and on. I watched his show and exercised along with him when I was a child. He lived life to the fullest and that is what your advice is all about.

  15. Thanks for the “nudge” dude.
    You hit the nail on the head for me: getting out of my head and getting my body into action.
    (Now, how do I reconcile that with finishing The Power of Full Engagement? ;)

    Momentum is the word for the year.

  16. Jack was and still is a Mega Hero! He for me was an example of CONSISTANCY in any LOVE or HABIT in your life. I am a 30 plus year still active Bodybuilder. Jack went way beyond just a singular example in fitness. He presented how your mind affects your success. How your attitude affects your reality. Jack I will always remember what you dared to bring into a world filled with paradigms, ignorance, and stereotypes…Jack broke those! Right through them!…take a minute…READ about his life…you might be inspired in more ways than just getting muscles. I hope those of you who don’t know about Jack….it would be worth your time to know.
    Michael LaBrake
    Drug Free Bodybuilding Athlete

  17. John, 5 Star Spa & Fitness Services Co. Philippines says:

    Awesome audio. Sir Jack LaLanne, my younger days Hero. I used to watch him every day as a boy. I’m now 55, and in the best shape of my life because of Sir Jack LaLanne. He will forever by my Hero, and “Happy” too. Thank You Sir Jon for your words of wisdom. There is nothing better than “Real” life experiences to motivate people. Real Results, that last a lifetime. 5 Star Spa & Fitness Co., Philippines bids farewell to Sir Jack LaLanne, may he Rest In Peace. We will miss You. Mind, Body, Soul, Fitness, Nutrition, our 5 Star way to Wellness. Live long and prosper everyone!

  18. Joseph Arbo says:

    I found Jack LaLanne an inspiration but I must ask the fitness community to question the premise: Physical exercise isn’t a guarantee you are fit or healthy alone. Though Jack did juice his immune system failed him and we assume to attribute this to old age 96 but I feel this is a testiment that our health care system fails many elderly people and that drugs and doctors are missing the true opportuntity to ask the real question of why Jack who did most of the right things could still succum to Pnuemonia. I for one believe we all have the opportunity to live longer but that we are missing the truth about health and our own immune system. Many health gurus attest to one modality or the other but we are a complex of not just trillions of cells but each of us have DNA and bacteria and viral loads which could kill one person and leave the others untouched. Smarter research into why this happens will bring us answers to longer, healthier, lives and not just physical exercise and diet which though important are not the only reasons some survive long healthy lives. I will miss Jack and would like to say how sorry we all are for his family and friends he leaves behind. He lived his dream and I respect him for touching millions of lives.

    • Jon Benson says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for the comments. This is a valid point. We have no idea what the facts are around Jack’s hospital stay. Having had pneumonia at an early age and almost dying from it, I can testify to how dangerous it can be for anyone, no matter how fit they are. But it did seem a bit odd given Jack’s strength and how fast he rebounded from heart valve surgery in 2006, if memory serves. Nonetheless, his example of living BETTER is the takeaway, and that is something we can all employ.

  19. Clinton says:

    I was feeling very low all day today, I felt dead. Turned 41 this month and I felt my life was wasted. After listening to you talk, It hit me hard, I’m going to make the next 40 years the Best! I was born in the SF Bay Area and I remember my grandma and mother watching Jack LaLanne on the local TV show. I also remember in the 90′s seem like every year for his birthday he would swim to Alcatraz island pulling a boat behind him. I always watch him do that on the local TV news show, He was a Great Man and he Lived! He will be missed.

  20. mike says:

    I remember Jack LaLanne doing jumping jacks on TV when I was a teenager. He said, “hey you, get up off that couch and do some jumping jacks with me”. I felt like he could see me. He was always inspirational, way ahead of his time.
    He must have had awesome self control. He said he hadn’t had a dessert since 1928. He is getting everyone off the couch where he is now.

  21. Pat says:

    Wow – I’m impressed! You have good outlook! (through your words as far as I can assume!) Ya know that Jack was my second hero-next to the old man! (#1 DAD) Any man that would try & then accomplish a feat such as swim across the English Channel dragging a tug boat with his teeth (so to speak) (in shackles?) Woh! I don’t care what anybody thinks but DAT BE ONE BAD MUTHA HUMMER! Please escuse my expression but that is the way I feal! Oh well-so be it!
    I’m going to shut up fore I get in trouble! Thanks Jon!

  22. CPT Mike Morales says:

    Great message. I believe in you. Mr. Lalanne was a man who made history every day of his adult life. Keep sharing from the heart. Keep seeking the answer to “is there an afterlife?” You won’t lose anyone who believes by voicing your honest doubt. I am in your program. I am fat and 58. I’m still working to lose weight.

    Thanks again.

  23. Great audio Jon, inspiring and personal – to each one of us, not just yourself. Uplifting.
    Thank you.

  24. Bryan says:

    In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
    Abraham Lincoln

  25. Frances says:

    An american icon without a doubt. Loved seeing him, enjoyed getting revved up by his energy and love of living his life to the fullest. I learned a great deal.

  26. simon says:

    wow thanks so much for this jon great tribute to jack an a massive kick into gear for me now i want to push through the plato i have been in for the last few weeks you are a great motivator an im always excited to see a new email from you.

  27. Mark says:

    Thanks Jon for your message. Just last year around Valentine’s Day or so I was an obese 219 lbs. 40 years old and disgusted with myself. I made a decision to start using my family gym membership and the elliptical machine for 30 minutes a session, 3 times a week. That snowballed into researching online for enhanced exercise programs, and I found some outstanding materials, not the least of which were yours. So I understand what you’re saying when you urge people to “Just take a walk.”

    My office has run biggest loser challenges which I have participated in three times last year. I have not been the winner one time. But today is the initial weigh in for the 4th Biggest Loser office challenge, and I am once again on board. I weigh 180 lbs even now – 3 lbs. less than what I was at the END of the 3rd challenge I completed on 11/16/2010.

    I also exercise 6 days a week now, 3 times with weights, 3 times with 20 minute HITT. I am in week #4 of a 12 week meal plan that I follow closely, and my wife is on board with it. It’s a good deal for her because I do all of the grocery shopping, breakfast and dinner cooking, and packing of lunches and snacks. Yes, I am following a 6 meal a day plan.

    I am still about 21% bodyfat, and have a goal of reaching 11% by Spring Break on April 1, 2011. I am a subscriber to your mPower series by virtue of that awesome black friday sale you had last year — thank you very much. I find it very inspiring and it helps to keep me motivated.

    I am proud of the progress I have made thus far, and am in perhaps the best shape I have ever been in my life. I also understand that I am still mortal, and fragile, so with that in mind I appreciate your call to live life to it’s fullest. I understand that my days on this earth are numbered, and I don’t want to let what’s left of my life to pass me by. I want to live an active, healthy, happy life with purpose for my family and others. Thanks for everything you’re doing to help people like me define and achieve our most worthy goals.

  28. king says:

    If the guy talks less crap and gets straight into it i reckon ill live 20 years longer.
    Get on with it goose!

    • Jon Benson says:

      If you want the abbreviated version, it’s GET OFF YOUR ASS AND MOVE BEFORE YOU DIE… and adding patience to your list of must-haves would increase your lifespan another 20 years.

  29. Paul says:

    The world has lost a fitness icon. What I found so inspiring about him was that he never let age stand as a barrier (or as an excuse) to regular exercise and the maintaining of an on-going level of fitness. He was his own testimonial; even at a great age, it is possible to have full mobility, and a fantastic quality of life.

  30. Cecelia McCormick says:

    Hi Jon,

    I really enjoyed listening to your message this morning while I’ve been diligently working at the same time. Your comments about Jack LaLanne were right on. He was a wonderful example of how to live a fit and energetic life. I pity the person who makes any fun of him in the coming days such as the juicing remark you had to endure. That is so wrong. I will definitely shut down any conversation with anyone who starts making fun of this man. I also so appreciate your very uplifting and goal setting remarks which I have taken to heart. Thanks again.

  31. Great motivational audio that I intend to share with my clients. I met Jack in Chicago a few years ago. I have never seen anyone with so much passion about his beliefs. And he made it simple. Sometimes, in our technologolical world, we make it too complicated. But like you said, just walk. Like you, just walking started by own path to fitness. I have been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 19 years now. Thanks, Jack!

  32. Pat says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on getting the most out of life. I have worked as a free lance programmer for years (decades), but got tired of always sitting at a desk. So, a couple years ago, I started an additional career as a stylist. It’s a whole different path: touching people, being creative, talking with people while you work with them, standing on your feet, even getting to walk out the door and enjoy the sunshine frequently. Yes, we can use “both sides” of our brain!

    People getting their hair fixed talk about their personal needs, and I find I need more ability to share with people about nutrition. My collection of knowledge over the years is a bit “hodge-podge”. There are a lot of schools around, but I don’t know how to evaluate them. If you have time for any suggestions I would appreciate hearing them.


    • Jon Benson says:

      Pat, I’m most definitely a Paleo guy, but my twist is that (shock) I enjoy real, everyday food. So my EODD plan ( was designed to basically allow ME to “cheat” on my diet while still staying lean or losing fat. The older I get the more real-world focused I become. I’ll share more thoughts in the coming weeks, but check out EODD and the articles on this site and you’ll get my take on nutrition. Thanks!

  33. Hey Jon..Loved your Eulogy. You delivered a very open example of your willingness to look into self and deal with things you know you have to face, correct and maybe reimplement a way of thinking. I know this very well. I can completely relate and am inspired by your attitude towards change and focus on life here and now. Very powerful message for anyone in any area of life. Very well said Jon. You are a very good example for those desiring to obtain well being and maintain optimum health. I hope your arm heals completely and quickly. The best to you in 2011, Jon.
    Michael LaBrake

  34. Colin Noden says:

    Thanks Jon. Your message was inspiring. I just realized that the mentors I trust and follow are those who have done what you have just done in this message. They have stood up and revealed themselves from behind the copywriting. Not to say that good copywriting is wrong; but sometimes it is good to show the person/heart and vulnerability of the source.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.

  35. Cath says:

    Really nice, heartfelt post. An autographed poster of Jack and his dog Happy hang on the wall next to my desk. He is my ultimate fitness professional.

    And those jerks with their (fill-in ANY profane adjective here) words, can only hope to have as high quality of life that Jack had.

    In Jack’s words, “Health is Wealth”. Thanks for your post today.

  36. Charlene R says:

    Great eulogy for a great person. He lived fully and he lived well and he demonstrated the great value we gain when we take care of ourselves.

    He will be sorely missed, but I believe he will continue to inspire us wherever he may be.

  37. Tom Kessel says:

    great guy Jack laLanne i grew up in the 50s watching him on yv following him every step of the way on WOR in NY. God rest his soul. at my age 90 (yeah) I can still benchpress at 230 pds no easy task but Jack youre the best in my book. you only gave us 96 yrs, shame on you. im s fitness guru i run lift daily watch what i eat despite my blood pressure. . Thanks a million Jack Youre tops to all of us. they come no better. the things you showed us we could do with a simple black chair. god bless your family god rest your gentle soul my friend

  38. June says:

    Hi Jon,I’m with you in your sadness on Jack LaLannes’ passing but also for the utmost respect you have for him as well. He definitely was ‘with the program!” I remember watching him on TV when I was growing up and trying to do the same exercises-my mum would do them along with me. He really is a Hall of Famer for exercise. I think your motivating advice and encouragement is great-you are the Real Deal! Take care,June K

  39. Lawrence Schemelia says:

    Jon, thank you very much for sharing this heartfelt message. I’m reasonably certain that I’ve correctly deduced your thoughts regarding individuals posting dismissive comments about the great Jack LaLanne. (The “F” was a pretty good clue- :D) As someone prone to being overly introspective, I readily identified with your own admissions, and I appreciate your candor. I was recently ACSM certified as a personal trainer at the somewhat advanced age of 37. I’ve always loved the idea of getting out of my own head to help other people work toward their own goals, but I only recently took steps toward realizing that objective. While I’m merely in the incipient stage of what I hope will be a long career, I will adhere as best I can to your motivational and inspiring words. Thank you again, and I hope you enjoyed your walk.

  40. Sarah says:

    Growing up in Europe, I never did see Jack LaLanne’s TV fitness shows. I discovered this great man 6 years ago, through the web sites of Tom Venuto and Jon Benson, and immediately loved the way Jack LaLanne got his message across, loved his quotes.

    A few months ago, I caught a PBS show with Jack and his wife showing exercises and recipes … and this was a recent recording. They both looked inspiringly healthy and happy, and able to do exercises many of my much younger clients struggle with!

    When I saw the message on FaceBook that he was dead … my immediate reaction was “oh no!” and then I thought “how is that possible? Not him!” which is pretty close to my reaction when my brother read from the newspaper that Elvis had died!

    Inspiring the world in two different areas, yet connected. I have no idea how many times I’ve trained to Elvis’ music because it’s so alive. Just as Jack LaLanne was till the end.

    A hero and icon is no more … but will live on in our memories!

  41. Micheal says:

    Dear Jon,

    I am 53 and very much remember Jack LaLanne. Thank you for taking the time to not only honour a great man but also to remind us of the gift we have been given – to wake up every day in free countries (I am a Canadian) and LIVE our lives! The unselfishness of your tribute and honesty means so much to people who are trying to get their lives (both physically and emotionally) back on track. I am grateful that I found your website and products and look forward to the future with you as one of my guides. Again, my thanks.


    Micheal Q

  42. Joy says:

    Thank you Jon. I find myself being deeply affected by the loss of Jack LaLanne. I recently lost my beloved, elderly father and I am struggling with a world where he no longer walks. My mother, his wife of 67 years, is also 96. She still lives on her own, in her own home. I, too, have very early memories of her daily Jack LaLanne workouts…..the Jumping Jacks (never knew they were named after him, how appropo) and rubber bands. It left a lasting impression on me. My mom was into healthy eating long before it was cool. And part of this was fitting Jack LaLanne into her day. I was unconsciously molded by her actions. Although I’ve often battled my weight, I have always worked out. I will never give up that discipline. I may have lapses, but I always come back. As for the people who make ridiculous comments about Jack being “juiced” or how his lifestyle failed him, I can only shake my head. Fitness is not about the guarantee of a long life, it’s not even a guarantee of a healthy life; it is a guarantee of a better life in so many ways. Even fit people get cancer, or M.S. or a host of other maladies. It’s almost as though they feel Jack LaLanne cheated them in some way by dying. Can they not see how much they gained from the way he lived? This whole debate over whether or not his lifestyle should have added more years to his life is ludicrous. He had a long life. But he also had a wonderful life. Filled with passion. Thank you for your heartfelt message. I am living my passion now, I started a band at age 47, and am recording a CD of my own songs!!

  43. Jon Benson says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments and wonderful words. Glad you all (for the most part… ; ) enjoyed my free-style audio trip. I plan to take more of them in the future.

  44. shakoor raja says:

    your message hit home for me. Thank you for your heartfelt message.

  45. Jenny says:

    what an inspirational message – thank you Jon! and regarding Jack Lallane what a remarkable human being.
    I’m in my late 50′s and I remember my granfather watching him on television. I haven’t heard anything more about him since then. I’m amazed to hear that he’s lived to 96 and that he was still training right up until days before his death. Thank you for sharing this and in so doing honouring his contibution to the life we all share. Jenny From Australia

  46. Lance says:

    I can remember when I was growing up Jack LaLanne was on the television 5 days a week giving people a healthy way to live their lives. I remember he would never put is name on anything unless it was a quality product that would help better people’s health. Jon very nice1 May Jack LaLanne RIP!

  47. Lianne says:

    Hi Jon! I love what you have to say and that is why you are one of the few “internet gurus” that I trust. I am currently doing M-Power week 13 and I am working towards letting my body be thy foundation. I know it all starts here because when I was younger I could get into flow and really focus. Now that I am older I am really struggling with this. It’s like ADD run rampant with my life and I need to bring it back and stop thinking and just doing. I love that and I love you Jon! Keep up the great work! Can hardly wait to get your updates.

  48. Chris Maddox says:

    Thanks Jon for message. Every since I had a near death experience last summer, I have been doing all that I can do live my life more fully. Your message was a potent reminder and was great to hear. Thank you! As to Jack, he lived a full and great life. A great example to us all. Bless ya Jack!

  49. Russ says:

    The thing I liked most about Jack was the fact he understood that if you wanted to live a happy healthy life it would take work. I would rather walk to my grave than be dumped out of my hover scooter. This is the essence of why I exercise and eat right. At my age it is more important than ever, I would rather drop dead exercising than living a lowly life of prescription pills maintaining my life. Jack talks about worry and why worry about things you have no control over. When I went to my new cardiologist I told him I was not afraid to die but was more concerned about my quality of life. I will not sit by like the other patients there holding my bag of pills waiting on the good Doctor to give me more. The point is we must make diet and exercise a priority in our life and it is more important as we age. Now drop and give me 20! At least its a start.

  50. marlene time I saw Jack was in 1960 in Calif. when visiting my sister. She and I began exercising that day and felt happy, uplifted type feeling after finishing the tv program-(black&whitetv). Have always used his mind thought cause Jack made you feel says:

    First time I saw Jack was on a black& white tv at my sister’s home in Calif. WOW! I was maybe 12 yrs. old girl ( I am 64 now) & ever since then I have tried to keep in shape-HE gave me a purpose & reason to try all sports(& MOVE IT) I could possibly do. And, I did. From,baseball, football with brothers & neighborhood kids. Fun plus! I exercised like Jack said on tv each a.m. thru grade school. From hop scotch to last sport I did scuba diving to date. I was fit. Schools required 1 physical education course- Ha! Everyone, please- I encourage you to get out there -TRY a sport out- a beginner will be a winner as well as a professional sportsman! It’s the zone of inner mental spiritual & physical fitness and happiness. LIVE for pete’s sake ! The alternative is give up and die….I will not die willing-got too much to accomplish.

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