“Midlife Crisis” theory gutted and left for dead

If you have ever wondered if you are having… or if you are going to have… a “midlife crisis”…


New research appearing on the scene today kills the old nonsense about folks in midlife…

As you’ll see, it turns out that people who have entered “The Zone”… which is roughly 30-70 years of age (yes, 70!) are far from in a state of crisis any longer.

In fact, we are stronger, more self-assured, and even LEANER than our younger friends.

How ’bout that?

Listen: If you want to read my first book, authored in 2004, that was saying this stuff almost a decade ago… with PICTURES to proof it to your eyes… then go here:

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Here's what researchers are saying:

"Middle-age adults are no longer driven, but now the drivers," say Bernice Neugarten and Nancy Datan in their paper "The Middle Years".

I LOVE that sentence! We're in the driver's seat of life folks… that is if you're over the age of 30 and under the age of 70.

As for that "under 70" part… well, folks like the late, great Jack LaLanne proved that people into their 80s and 90s can be driving Ferraris when it comes to piloting their own destiny.

There's more:

"There is no specific time in life that predisposes you to crisis," said Alexandra Freund, a life-span researcher at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

"People are experts of themselves at this age."

Another provocative statement… so strong you can taste it!

"Experts of themselves."

Okay… so let's get past the rah-rah, look how cool we really are bit and move to some facts:

You MAY not feel like a self-expert…
You MAY not look like someone who is crisis-free…
You MAY not hear the good news for the noise…

The noise? A life that's TOO busy. Too "young" if you will. Too much on the go.

So much that, perhaps, you are letting yourself go just a bit… and… just maaaaybeee….

Blaming it on your age.

It's not your age. It's your commitments.

We only have so much time in the day, right? So a lot of folks who are super hard-working men and women find themselves out of shape and too damn tired to do much about it.

The SIN… the SIN here is to blame this on AGE.

It's not your age.

It's your commitments.

I repeated that on purpose. : )

Here's what I propose:

1. Re-examine your commitments; your time and how you are spending it. What can you alter or even let go of entirely so you can spend just 30 minutes a day taking care of YOU?

2. Who can you recruit? You need to pull your allies closer during this time. Push your enemies away… and do it ruthlessly. While you're nowhere near as 'old' as you may think you are, you are still battling that second hand on your watch…tick-tick-tick…

In short, you need some SOLID role models…folks who you can look to and get inspiration. That's what "Fit Over 40" is ALL about…

www.jonbensonfitness.com/fof (read more)

You also need a partner in crime. A friend or a spouse you can embark with on this new adventure.

3. Decide to make 1 SIMPLE CHANGE per day…or even per week… for the next 30 days. That’s it… do that and repeat this exerise until you have a personalized “Me System”…

Not just a cookie-cutter dietplan… never works.

You have to personalize, baby.

Make it your OWN.

Sure, I give you a great head start in my book, but you’ll need to take charge after reading it and committ bravely to one massive goal:


If you OWN it, you will DO IT.

Okay, one more thing:

“Researchers conducting large surveys have found that the main problem for middle-age people is feeling unable to get everything done.”

Direct quote from today’s news story.

LOOK: It’s a brave new world… a brave YOUNG world… where folks like me (I’m 47) look and feel 10, 15 even 20 years younger than their age.

Sure, it takes some work… everything does.

Yet, you now have the chance to turn back those tick-tocking second hands and look, feel, and move younger than you have in years.

It starts with your committment.

And hey: If there’s one thing we middle-age folks do better than anyone at any age…

… it’s committment.

The great news is that in 2011 you have so many more resources to make that committment easier time-wise, easier lifestyle-wise, and just a heck of a lot more fun.

Time’s a-wastin… : )

Jon Dana Benson

P.S. Did you like this article? Did it move you to desire some action? Some positive changes?

If so, would you be a sport and share it with others?

We’re in this thing together, you know… : )

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5 Responses to ““Midlife Crisis” theory gutted and left for dead”

  1. Jim says:

    I love reading these types of articles, because they confirm what I am experiencing in my own life. I’m 54 years old and I’m in the best shape of my life. The reason why is because I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle. I work out on a regular basis (weights and cardio) and I eat a very healthy diet. The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle far outweigh the effort and time it requires.

  2. Joe Hagen says:

    I too love reading articles like this.I’m 64 and in the best shape of my life. I eat healthy and have very little sugar or processed foods in my diet. I get to the gym 2 to 3 times a week. I may be a little bit older but I’m doing every thing I can to stay in shape and live a long healthy life. I believe people who are very over weight and don’t work out are slowly killing themselves. Age is not the problem, your attitude is!

  3. Heather says:

    I just turned 40 and am getting int the best shape/health I’ve ever been, physically, emotionally, mentally. I am seriousyl considering becoming certified as a fitness trainer to help others do what I have learned to love. But I’m not exactly sure where to start in order to become certified. Do you have any suggestions for someone my age?

    • Jon Benson says:

      Age is irrelevant. So dismiss that barrier Heather, if it is one. Most 40-something trainers I know are the ones most sought-out. My favorite trainer is in his 60s.

      CSCS is the most reputable that I know of. Thanks!

      • Heather says:

        Thanks so much! I was sure I saw more facial lines on the day I turned 40 ;) Now I’m going to question that!

        I am excited about checking out CSCS. After reading more about getting fit over 40 and the all the mis-information about aging, I am looking forward to reaching out to people in this age group to encourage them to reach their full potential physically and mentally. I think being a trainer/coach is the best way I can do this for others and myself.

        I am so grateful for your information and support! Thank you.

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