Update: Fat Loss Course Issues Resolved

To all who are participating in the free Personal Fat Loss Course:

1. The quiz issues cannot be resolved until the guy who wrote the plugin for WordPress (called Quizzin) decides to update it for WordPress 3.0. I’m waiting… : )

2. The quiz is NOT necessary for completion of the course. It’s meant to be for fun, and to help the learning process along.

3. All 7 days of the Course are now available on this blog.

To sign up for the free course, click here.

Check your email immediately after signing up so you can get the CORRECT link to Day 1. Thanks, and enjoy!


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2 Responses to “Update: Fat Loss Course Issues Resolved”

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Jon, I was receiving your 7 day fat loss course but stopped getting the emails after the 4th day. Just wondering if it was going to start up again or should I try any start over? Thanks I really enjoy the course and am looking forward to finishing.

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