Burn More Fat With Intermittent Fasting (How-To Video)

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As some of you know, I’m still on a whirlwind fitness tour… well, kinda. If you want to know whazup, read about it below… or just skip to my crappy in-a-hotel-room-quality video of me and John Romaniello talking about super uber fat-burning. Look below all my scribbling to check it out.

I wasn’t in my studio, so don’t laugh at the quality… or the fact I forgot to remove the Skype call window… yeah, I’m a pro, baby. The content rocks, though. Intermittent fasting is really the bomb when it comes to a starter diet plan, or a finisher diet strategy. I’ll be using it for the upcoming shoots (see below.) You should try it, too… and John tells you how to get started in the video below.

Last week, I shot down to Florida to hang with 50 or so pro fitness guys and gals, where we successfully combined hard training with a massive Super Bowl party (thanks Joel Marion… you’re a stud among studs)… and your everyday ole’ general mayhem. Now I’m in Austin, Texas, where I got to hit the weights yesterday with my pal Dave Goodin, aka “The Texas Shredder”, and spend some time seeing some old friends.

It’s just proof positive you can have a blast and still keep your bod. I’m weeks away from my next photo shoot (pics to be uploaded soon after), and a few months from my first national magazine cover (or so the little birdie keeps saying… ; ) When we finalize the deal, I’ll let you know. The mag will dish some secrets on my upcoming Fit Over 40 Heart-Shape Program, and I’ll be giving away 100 or so copies to readers who leave cool comments on my blog. (Oh-so-subtle hintskie.)

Before I head back home to Cali… da BU… and get ready for the Recording Academy’s MusiCares getting of Paul McCartney this Friday (can’t wait… such an honor to be invited, so thanks tossed out to Joe and Steve!), I wanted to share some luv.

First, I’d like to give you a gift or two. Below is a short video interview with my good friend John Romaniello. In the video below, we reveal the strategies behind Roman’s intermittent fasting strategy for fat burning. This really is a hot new way to shed more body fat through the clever manipulation of key fat-burning hormones such as the mysterious ghrelin, plus your body’s natural gH (the so-called youth hormone.)

Also: As John will announce in the video, anyone who picks up John’s new Fat Loss Forever Intermittent Fasting Guide today will receive an incredible free gift: John’s total workout guide… a $47 value, free for my readers only.

Click the button under the video now to get your copy of Fat Loss Forever today, then send John an email requesting your FREE copy of his workout guide.

Now, press play and enjoy our incredibly fancy video production…

Killer Diet: Intermittent Fasting Protocol


P.S. Here’s my newsletter from yesterday on Intermittent Fasting, just in case you missed it…

Intermittent Fasting: The 8-Hour ‘Pig-Out’ Diet?

Today’s topic is controversial, but I feel it’s something you really need to know about if you’re still working on dropping those extra lb of bodyfat around your belly or thighs.

My good friend John Romaniello has been doing a lot of research (and testing on his A-List clients) in the new science of Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting is a progressive new way of melting far more bodyfat that traditional dieting allows. The science behind it is similar to the science behind my own Every Other Day Diet. This is more extreme, for sure, but it’s also something that you should consider trying.

Here’s why:

Intermittent Fasting involves eating in cycles. You fast for a specific number of hours (and for almost an entire day after a big pig-out “eat what you want” day), and then you eat a lot of healthy food within a very specific time frame. The gist of the process involves eating 2-3 days per week on a “16/8″ schedule. For sixteen hours, you fast. Most people fast for at least eight yours a day during sleep, so this is basically just skipping your last meal and your first meal.

That sounds really counterintuitive, hence the controversy behind why it works so well. However, the truth of the matter is simple: First, you should avoid carbs in the morning if at all possible. This is something most people simply cannot or will not do, so NOT eating actually makes this easier. And, as you know, as lot of people skip breakfast due to the morning family rush hour. Now you can do it and feel GOOD about it!

You still get to eat dinner (John explains what to eat here), but you finish eating four hours prior to sleeping. It’s really not that hard to fast for sixteen hours when you break it down like this, right?

However, there’s more to it than 16/8. John has developed his own system for doing that I really love that prevents your body from shutting down. Any dietplan you try runs a high risk of shut-down — that dreaded feeling you get when the plan just stops working, no matter how diligent you are with it. I know, that is super frustrating. Well, John has solved that problem by utilizing 2-3 styles of intermittent fasting within the week, rather than just the 16/8. This shocks the body in a good way, boosts your natural fatburning hormones sky-high (as does fasting in general, by the way), and keeps you on track.

The system he has is so lifestyle friendly that he calls it Fat Loss Forever. Go here to read more about it:

>>>  Intermittent Fasting Explained

Intermittent fasting is a fantastic way to lower your stress levels and save your internal organs, too. When you eat all day long, your pancreas and liver takes a beating. Fasting for too long is not a good idea, as your blood sugar will drop too low. However, these short “burst-style” fasts are ideal for increasing digestion, as well as giving those vital fatburning organs (the pancreas and liver) a much needed rest. Most people are unaware that fatloss cannot happen when your organs are taxed, and this style of eating solves that problem nicely.

One more thing concerning the science and practicality of intermittent fasting you need to know concerns one hormone in particular. This hormone is the “youth” hormone: gH, or GrowthHormone. A very short workout after a fast boosts this fatburning superstar hormone through the ROOF, and does it naturally. The benefits include greater and faster fatburning, a more youthful vigor, and an increased sense of well-being.

You can see why I’m excited to share this information with you today! Intermittent fasting has so many benefits to anyone who wants to increase fatburning and simply feel better. It also scores an A+ in my book for healthy eating. Plus, you DO get to enjoy eating a LOT of food during those 8 hours, plus John insists that you take a full day off during the week and eat whatever you want.

This is the one area where John and I part ways. I do not believe in a full day of eating bad food. What I’d love to see you do when you try this program is this:

1. Follow John’s plan to the letter Monday-Saturday;

2. On Sunday, begin your free day with a high protein, zero carb breakfast. This will set your body up to use the “junk” food without feeling like crap afterward;

3. Plan TWO different meals out, and simply eat smaller portions of your favorite foods. Eat until you are full, but no more. Make sure you eat two meals so you get your fill;

4. Then, plan to go for a long walk at the end of the day, and snack on raw fruit or veggies after about 6-7PM.

Start your plan here:

>>>  John’s Specific Intermittent Fasting Plan (28 lb in 28 days)

Do that, and this plan has my two thumbs-up!

P.P.S.  Please, do not forget to follow John’s plan specifically on Monday, especially. Monday is VERY important, and you must follow it to the letter to see the results others are seeing.

Also, do not use this plan unless you need to drop extra bodyfat… because you WILL. If you are already at your ideal weight, this is not for you.


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13 Responses to “Burn More Fat With Intermittent Fasting (How-To Video)”

  1. ted says:

    watched the video and its very interesting but what does it do muscel deteriation or will i lose what muscel i do have???????thks ted

  2. Jenny says:

    what about a sixty year old woman who only rebounds every other day? I’ve never eaten much but find now fat is being laid down and I’ve gained 14 pounds that I can’t seem to budge. But I don’t want to do any of that heavy exercise that usually comes along with these diet programs – could you recommend a gentle program that will still get the metabolism and fat moving.

    • Jon Benson says:

      Hi Jenny – yes, I can help. First, intermittent fasting works if you stick to the 16/8 plan John suggests in his system, and ignore the more advanced stuff. However, you should only do this for about 12 weeks before going back to a plan like EODD. You may find that you can stick to his 16/8 plan ad infinitum, however, and that’s fine too. The key thing when it comes to shaking stubborn fat IF you cannot exercise intensely is to (a) trick your hormones, ala Intermittent Fasting; and (b) substitute brisk walking preferably with bouts of 1 minute long bursts of higher intensity mixed in. If you just ‘move’, you’ll find your body will respond. Not moving is, unfortunately, not an option, unless you want to go ultra low-carb — which, btw, you can do on an intermittent fasting protocol. Just cut the carbs down to 30 grams per day. Frankly, I do this when I can’t train heavy, and it works to keep fat off nicely. Good luck!

  3. Shana says:

    Jon & John,

    Thanks for sharing your expertise in such an easy-to-digest way. It is refreshing that I’m able to understand the “why” (science/logic) behind the program from watching your short video chat. I am going to give Romaniello’s method a try with Benson’s Sunday adjustment. Wish me patience and persistence! (I don’t believe in luck) Thanks guys!

  4. Deb says:

    “IF” sounds very interesting. However, I am at goal weight (115 lbs) and I am 61 years old. I had a heart attack two years ago, and want DON’T want another one. I have been active all my life, but considered skinny fat because of the bad eating habits I had throughout my life. Now, I ONLY want to lose stubborn fat, and not lose any more weight. I like the idea of fasting to give my organs a rest. I am eating 4 to 6 small meals a day and found a site to record my daily intake and exercise. I just bought EODD, and reading about it, when I received an email to look at this way of eating. With cutting refined carbs, I am having a hard time reaching my exercise calorie goals, as it is. I just got in my head that to lose weight (or fat), I NEED to feed my muscle while strength training so I MUST eat exercise calories above what my body needs to maintain. Lots of different ideas, and I am getting confused. Can you help? Should I do “IF”, then EODD, or eating 4 to 6 small meals as I am doing now? Thanks in advance.

    • Deb says:

      Hello again…I know this is for moderation still, soo…I re-read your article…and see the last sentence is that if I am at my “ideal weight”…the IF program is not for me. I just have to understand that if I STILL have body fat to lose, but want to build muscle and stay the same weight, I should NOT do the Intermittent Fasting? Will EODD help me lose body fat while I build muscle and stay the same weight, or is it inevitable that I will lose weight no matter what program I try…to lose that last stubborn body fat mostly around tummy area? I can always gain back the weight. Thx, again. I appreciate asking these questions here, because have not been able to find answers otherwise.

    • Jon Benson says:

      Hi Deb,

      Given your heart issues, I suggest lowering carbs as much as tolerable. Have a VAP test done with your doctor. See where your small particle LDL is at as well as your triglycerides and blood sugar levels. Carbs affect all three.

      Intermittent fasting definitely helps rid the stubborn fat. However, you must be cautious with ANY diet that involves boots in carbs with heart disease issues. Just be careful, and make sure you have a GOOD cardiologist — hopefully one that understands dietary fat is NOT the enemy it has been made out to be. Thanks.

  5. Tom says:

    I’ve just started the FLF protocol and look forward to seeing the results! Apart from the various fasting “modalities”, it has come as a great relief to me, that I don’t have to live by the 6-meals-per-day paradigm. It has never really suited me, but it has been the gospel of most fitness gurus, and thus never really questioned. I enjoy that very much!

    One question: If I find the workouts a little too, how shall I put it, tame and not very testing, will it be alright to throw in an extra cycle on the Lactic Acid days? Or mayba any other day, or will I just catabolize my hard earned muscles? (of course that’s assuming I have any :-)) ?!?!

    Great stuff, well done!

    Tom aka tommot(dk)

  6. Leigh says:

    Does this type of eating program require a lot of fancy supplements or does it rely on real food? Is it flexible enough to work around food allergies and sensitivities?

    • Jon Benson says:

      Hi Leigh,

      You can do this without any supplementation at all, although I’d like to see you take a multivitamin. As for foods, you would eat basically the same foods you’re eating now, just at the times John specifies. Never eat anything you’re allergic to, no matter what. Thanks!

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