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November 5

Dynamic Posture

Here’s a really cool video that my friend Dan and I created to help you with your posture.

This is more than just looking better—Dan actually helped me clear some nervous system blockages that interfere with energy.

So, no my body has a lot more energy…PLUS let’s not forget that your nervous system controls fat burning. 

The better your posture, the better your fat burning… so watch and enjoy!


December 24

Reversing Type 1 Diabetes and Heart Disease

Want to meet the oldest living Type 1 Diabetic… with totally normal blood sugar?

Meet Dr. Richard Bernstein.

Dr. Richard Bernstein

At almost 80 years old, Dr. Bernstein is living proof of the power of a low-carb diet when it comes to reversing disease!

Dr. Bernstein is almost 80 years old. He works out 3-4 days per week with resistance (weights) and intense cardio (short and sweet.) He has consumed a high fat, low carbohydrate diet since the early 1960′s to control both his blood sugar and his (former) heart disease.

Since that time, Dr. Bernstein has gone from yet another heart disease statistic (while consuming the ADA’s recommended low-fat diet nonsense) to the very picture of fitness and health. He’s not only lean and fit, he has the most ideal blood profile I’ve ever seen. His HDL (protective cholesterol carrier) is a whopping 128—anything over 45 is considered excellent! His small particle LDL is almost non-existent. His total LDL is about 50, and his triglycerides, a fat in the blood formed from carbohydrates and glucose, has gone from over 300 to under 50. And, his fasting and post-prandial (after meals) blood sugar is 80.

This interview covers his approach to nutrition, exercise, and the debunking of the “saturated fat causes heart disease” myth.

If you know anyone with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, or if this disease runs in your family, or if you have heart disease (either yourself or in your gene pool), then this interview is a must-listen.


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June 25

Get Off Your “BUT”

Sean Stephenson and Jon Dana Benson

Sean flexes his might guns! I didn't have the courage to flex mine next to the Little Big Man!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever had the good fortune to run across.

His name is Sean Stephenson. Sean has suffered more pain, more hardships, and more reasons to quit everything, including life itself, than most of us can imagine.

He suffers from a disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare brittle-bone condition. This left Sean confined to a wheelchair for life, having broken hundreds of bones as a result of the condition. Coughing once broke his ribs. Can you imagine?

And you think you have it tough. (Same goes for me.)

But that’s far from the end of the story.

No, Sean has built himself an empire. Sean worked under President Clinton. Sean is finishing his second Ph.D. (because one was just not good enough) from the University of Honolulu. Sean wrote the bestseller,
Get Off Your “But”
, about how so many of use succumb to The “Buts” of Life. All over the world, Sean hears the excuses… “I’d get in shape, but I have three kids and work a lot and…” Or, “I’d pursue my dreams, but I have…” You name it, Sean has heard it.

He just never bought into that crap. Neither should we.

Oh… and (get this) Sean is a bodybuilder.

Re-read that last sentence. Then watch the video below. It gives me goosebumps to think of how much effort this man has to put forth just to muster up the courage to train—but through training, and an alkaline-heavy diet, he’s transformed his body and his condition.

He is amazingly strong now. His bones no longer shatter due to his increased strength and bone density through weight training. He even threw out the first pitch at a Major League baseball game, from the lying down and rolling position, and it popped the catcher’s glove!

Listen: Fitness and resistance training adds so much to my quality of life. It’s the best thing I’ve ever discovered to radically change just about every aspect of my well-being. But Sean is at an entirely different level, demonstrating powerfully how challenging resistance training kicks some serious ass.

Have a look, then visit Sean’s site if you want more inspiration at

Afterwards, hit the gym!

February 28

3 tips for a better butt

You are going to LOVE this: Today’s article is from the creator of “The Sexy Butt Makeover”… none other than Joey Atlas.

What a FORCE Joey is when it comes to shaping women’s bodies!


3 Tips For Your Best Butt EVER!
by Joey Atlas
The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan


WHEN YOUR BUTT is looking good, the rest of your body is looking good too. Find me someone with a great set of buns (with or without clothes) and I’ll bet money the rest of their body is in sweet shape too.

There’s a reason for this… When you make your backside the foundation of your fitness and body enhancement efforts – the rest of your body follows along. The glutes and all the muscles in and around that lower-body region are responsible for a lot (think: “center of gravity”)…

And when that whole zone gets proper stimulation – with ideal movements based on form, tempo and sequence factors – it becomes a catalyst for all the other muscles of the body that are directly or indirectly connected to that pelvic/core zone.

If you are looking for a variation in your approach or are still looking for a way to fine tune your buns and the rest of your body
- this should help you get there…

Here are your 3 “best butt & body” tips:

1. You MUST define what type of butt you have.

Before you can make the desired improvements with your ‘rear-end’ you MUST know what problem you are trying to fix.
Different women have different types of bodies and butts – and while various women can follow the same program – they will NEED certain variations in that program to cater to her specific butt/body type.

The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan <— The Plan in action

Example: A woman who wants to reduce the size of her large butt and slim down a bit will follow a different sequence and progression as compared to a woman who i underweight and very thin who wants to gain weight and sculpt some ‘curvyness’ into her body.

2. Your exercise choices should hold your butt as the “center of attention”.

When you focus on improving the condition of your “backside” and the hot-spots which surround it (think: hips, thighs, midriff/core, etc…) and the rest of your body gets “properly” trained in synergy with that targeted focal area – the results you experience are faster and more noticeable.

You can’t lie to yourself when seeing these dramatic changes while standing naked in front of the mirror. In this case – the positive proof isn’t in the proverbial pudding, it’s in the reflection starting right back at you.

3. The foods you eat and your other activities are powerful leverage points.

When your nutrition is in sync with your body enhancement goals – you basically make your efforts at least 10 times easier – many people will argue its even much more than that. I’m not talking about a “crazy-diet”… I’m referring to some very simple, do-able and common eating habits which most people forget or simply ignore…

And… adding the right type and amount of simple cardio exercise also gives you incredible leverage as you move closer and closer to your ideal butt and body. Remember though – the type and amount of cardio you do have to be in line with your type of butt & body – and the specific improvements you desire.

The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan <— women’s feedback

When you put the synergy in place which I’ve outline above – be ready for “the girls” to show their jealously and envy because most women don’t bother to unleash their best butts and bodies… And since you are – they will either want to know… “What have you been doing?” or…
If they are the “stuck in a rut type” they would much rather keep throwing money down the drain on quick fixes, gimmicks and “corrective surgeries” – most of which leaves all of them still unsatisfied, frustrated and angry…

But, since you’re reading this – I trust you are the type to take properly targeted and focused action to get real and undeniable changes, while everyone else keeps going around in circles with everything that doesn’t work.

You can learn more about my unique and highly personalized plan to get you the best booty possible in just <u>WEEKS</u> by going here:

The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan <— click to see before/after results

Enjoy the results!

Joey Atlas
Contributing Writer to Jon Benson Fitness
The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan

February 26

Getting a sexy, firm butt


da Butt

What IS our fascination with BUTTS?

If you think about it (please don’t) the sexual attraction doesn’t make much sense. But yet, there it is.

Both men and women want to be considered in the conversation, “Who has the cutest butt?” You know… the one most all of our friends have at one point in their life?

Here’s a great place to start:

My good friend Joey Atlas, creator of The Sexy Butt Makeover, sat down with me virtually and did a 15-minute talk on… well…

Getting a better butt. : )

Here it is… enjoy.

The Sexy Butt Makeover