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  • Fat Loss Accelerator Course, Segment 7

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    Framing Your Mind For Success

    Congratulations! You have made it to Segment 7 of your Fat Loss Accelerator Course! By this point you have probably learned more about the mechanisms of fat-burning and body-shaping than you ever thought you would in a Internet-based Course, correct? Good. I put as much effort into this Course as I did into writing a book. I wanted to prove to you beyond a doubt that I care about you, your progress, and that my books and ideas cover real-world concepts backed by science for both long-term and radical fat loss.

    I do hope that you will share this course with your friends and loved ones.

    Okay, today we’re going to cover the most important “muscle” you can flex—your mind. Technically it’s not a muscle, but for us it is the secret to the body and the life we want.

    Before we go any further, I have to say  that this is NOT a “woo-woo” lesson. There’s nothing mystical or magical in today’s Course materials. Most of that stuff I don’t buy anyway.

    What I do buy is facts backed by science, reason, and practical experience.

    So, if you are ready to stop just learning and start knowing, applying, and taking action then let’s get started…

    What Does “Success” Mean To You?

    You may think you know what it means to be successful. But have you really thought about it? Do you know what it would take for you to feel successful in terms of your body and your appearance? Let me give you some hints…

    It’s not a number on the scale. As we saw yesterday, two women with very different “weights” both looked very trim and sexy. One carried more muscle and less fat — but muscle is five times as dense as fat, so while a pound of muscle is equal to a pound of fat weight-wise they are far different in mass and density. We also saw the photographic proof of how my lovely wife, Andréa, has changed her body in a matter of months using resistance training. Perhaps you should consider tossing the scale out the window if you want to re-define what success in fitness means to you. Personally I never use the thing. I use my jeans and my belts. They never lie. And, of course, the mirror… but even that can deceive.

    Still, we’re not deep enough.

    What is success… really? Is it JUST your body in a certain condition? Do you really think that would make you happy?

    Here’s another hint: It would only add to your present fulfillment. If you are presently miserable, having a great body would make you feel “less miserable.” But face it: “Miserable” is still contained within that description, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered why some people who appear to have everything going for them are down, depressed, and basically unhappy?

    Sometimes this is a chemical issue in the brain. Most of the time, it’s because they do not have a clear definition of what success and happiness means to them. Perhaps they’ve listened to everyone but the most important person of all—the self—and defined what success and happiness means to them.

    Perhaps you have done the same thing.

    Perhaps you don’t even know why you are wanting to lose weight and feel better other than what society may impose on you. Or perhaps you just feel lousy. Maybe you think having a better body will attract the love of your life or add a spark into a present relationship. Maybe your very health and life are at stake.

    These are all valid reasons for getting into great shape—but they are not definitions of success. You cannot hope to achieve a goal without a clear target. That’s like trying to drive to a strange town without the use of a map. You may get there, but only after endless hours wasted—and you may never arrive at all. Or, when or if you do, you may find yourself more miserable after the journey!

    This is not what I want for you. It is not what you want for yourself.

    Step 1 in today’s Course is to STOP.


    There is a still voice inside of you. Listen to it.

    Ask yourself to allow it. Trust that voice.

    What does it say about success? What does health and physical abundance mean to you? Why do you want to pursue it so badly? What will the outcome be? How will you feel? What will a typical day feel like in the body of your dreams?

    Go ahead and walk through that day. Stop reading for just two minutes and picture a day in the life of you. You, inside your ideal body, however that may look or be. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? What is your energy like? What is your love live like? How are you greeted by your loved ones? How do your children look at you? What kind of role model have you become to those around you—at work, at home, and even strangers passing by on the street? What ONE LIFE will you affect today simply by how you look and carry yourself and never even know it? ( Yes, the world is looking! ) What is your legacy? Your greatest destiny? How will you be remembered?

    Pretty heavy, isn’t it?

    That is because you want and deserve far more than you think you do.

    One of the main reasons you have not achieved the goals you set for yourself, whether they be physical or otherwise, is because you have not walked through a day in the life of living in the state of success. Success is NOT an ending. It is not a goal to achieve. It is not static. It is a dynamic, fluid, ever-changing and everlasting state of being.

    And that state of being is totally within your sphere of management. You manage what it looks like. What it becomes. What you are going to do today, in the next five minutes or five hours, to make sure it happens.

    Your destiny is not carved in stone. It is created by each and every move and decision you make.

    So right now, make a decision that leads you toward your greatest destiny. Decide that success means more, MUCH more, than a number on a scale or a body in the mirror. KNOW with every fiber of your being that you deserve and desire this body—perhaps even a better body than you can imagine right now—but you deserve it for much larger reasons than you presently know.

    Your future body will not only make you feel joy, freedom, peace, health and energy. It will also radiate outward and dramatically affect everyone you touch in your life.

    This is success: To know your life has

    moved another toward their greatest destiny,

    as you move toward yours.

    That destiny must begin with the person you see in the mirror. And, here’s your starting point—your body. The physical is the foundation. There is nothing wrong or “shallow” about that statement. Your body simply must conform to your mind’s highest desires for success. Without a fully enabled, empowered, strong, and healthy body, your destiny will not have the impact it can on your life or the lives of others.

    Consider this your call to action.

    Now, take a breather. Consider all you have just read.

    Then consider how many people will only read these words but not act upon them.

    Decide right now that you will be the exception to the rule—that you will do more than act upon them.

    You will embrace them.

    Like I said at the beginning, this “between your ears” stuff is where it all happens folks. This is what makes the Einsteins of the world—not genetics, but decisions. Desire. Work. Action. And, by all means, a clear and sweeping definition of the word success.

    How Powerful Is The Mind?

    You’ve heard the stories about “mind over matter.” Some of them are exaggerated; others are true. The mind has always interested me ever since my psychology and philosophy days in college. To really grasp how powerful that three pound organ is between your ears would take years of reading. I will try to give you the bullet points in the next few minutes. It’s a daunting task, but in order to understand how to get into great shape, you must fully embrace the following statement:

    Where your mind goes, your body follows.

    Again, this is not juju beads and hocus pocus nonsense. This is verifiable science.

    In 2008 a study done with hotel maids shocked the weight loss world. Hotel maids of all ages were divided into two groups, each doing exactly the same tasks as they always performed. The only difference: One group was told that the work they did on a daily basis was enough to qualify as “weight loss exercise.” Nothing else changed. Their diets remained the same. The only thing that changed was their perception of reality.

    The study group all lost weight. The non-study group had no weight changes at all.

    The power of belief is simply beyond our comprehension. We are constantly under the power of our own beliefs, but unfortunately the vast majority of those beliefs are subconscious rather than consciously driven. Since the subconscious mind picks up everything since before you were born, including every negative thing ever said and every false assertion ever made, you have a formidable foe on your hands unless you know how to bring it under control.

    Fortunately, you can. And it all begins with how you speak to your self.

    The maids in the study quoted above were asked if they did anything different. Almost all of them said they thought more about how their work was causing them to lose weight. In short, they spoke to their subconscious mind, implanting specific commands without realizing it. “Lose weight! What I’m doing is causing me to lose weight!”

    Let me give you an even better suggestion to give your mind:

    Become leaner!

    While I use the term “lose fat” or “lose weight” frequently, it is only because it is the term most people associate physical success to. In my daily life, I rarely use it. I say “I am getting leaner.” Why? Because you never want to lose anything. The mind and body are very selfish organisms. Life itself is incredibly selfish. Our drive to live is the strongest drive most of us possess. Life is tenacious in its desire to thrive and survive.

    So what do you think a mind like yours, with literally trillions of neurons, all capable of storing the memory of every one of your distant ancestors, thinks about the term “LOSE”?

    How do YOU feel when you say LOSE out-loud? Go on… say it.

    Not too hot I bet.

    No one wants to lose. We want to gain.

    So start saying that you are gaining leanness, muscularity, energy, definition, drive, and power.

    Here’s another tool you can use to whip your subconscious mind into submission: Realize it is an idiot savant. An idiot savant is a person who is beyond brilliant at one or two things and well below average at basic life skills. In the movie Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman played an idiot savant.

    Your subconscious, for all its power, is incapable of distinguishing fact from fiction. That’s why we believe and act on so many things that run counter to our conscious beliefs. Our subconscious mind is more powerful, yet has no grasp of “reality” as we see it. It is basically a storehouse of random patterns that can form some pretty bizarre conclusions if you let it.

    Take sleep for instance. When you dream, your subconscious mind is virtually in full control. It’s running rampant, forming its own bizarre strings of images into a sequence that only makes sense to those trained to decipher it. It knows no boundaries other than what it’s been told, but it also cannot tell when you are speaking truth and when you are speaking in generalities.

    For instance, saying “I love hot dogs” or “I love pizza” is not only damaging to your mental control over your body, it’s a conscious lie. You do NOT love hot dogs. You may love your spouse, your God, your parents—but you do not love a piece of oblong semi-meat between processed flour buns. Sorry, but you do not. You may “enjoy” a hot dog and a slice of pizza (I certainly do), but stop saying you love something that you do not.

    Your mind keys on the words with the greatest impact on your destiny in order to ensure your survival:









    Use these words with respect. Learn to speak the language of the self—one that empowers your subconscious mind to the utmost. You will literally start changing physically at a more rapid pace and with far less effort.

    “I love my body” replaces “I hate my body.” You do not hate your body. You wish to improve your body. In fact you must love your body, otherwise you would never take care of it! You would never shower, go to the doctor, nurture a wound… do you see? You DO love your body. You merely want to enhance your love for your body by making it leaner and stronger. This is not pesudo-science—this is how the subconscious and conscious mind interact, and you have the keys to the car. You can choose to start your engine or simply walk away and say, “Eh, whatever.”

    But try it. Watch what happens.

    “No” is the most frequent word heard between the ages of 0 and 7. Consider that next time you wonder what may be preventing you from taking action… from saying “YES” to my invitation to empower your body with serious leanness for example. You’ve heard NO far more than YES in your life. “YES” is almost a foreign word to some people.

    You break the cycle by saying “YES” with a promise to yourself: “Yes, and if I choose to later, I can always change course.”

    Doesn’t that beat, “No… I don’t think so… I don’t know… not right now.”

    Re-read that statement and ask yourself if that’s how you converse with YOU!

    The most important conversation you

    will ever have is with your self.

    I highly suggest you respect that conversation to the highest degree possible.

    Action towards your greatest destiny is the only possible outcome.

    Ending Self-Sabotage

    Self-sabotage is the greatest enemy to most dieters, and indeed to most people who seem to be always on the cusp of success and who just miss the mark. Sound familiar?

    Self-sabotage always begins in a conversation with your self. Let’s really get that point down. It all starts with self-talk. You say something that triggers age-old feelings, often coming out of “nowhere” (and now you know where… your subconscious mind’s endless recording of your life) and before you know it you’re heading to the all-you-can-eat buffet.

    At some level, often quite obviously, this self-talk is incredibly negative. “What a loser… I failed again. Forget it… off to some ice cream.” Or, “I’ll never make this happen… I will always be fat.”

    Again, does this sound familiar?

    Here’s how you end it in less than ten seconds. Ready?

    Make a pact with your self: Everything you say

    to your self you must repeat to the

    person you love the most.

    We have already determined that you love your self, correct?

    Well then, you should treat yourself with the same respect and in the same voice as you treat and speak to others you love.

    Say… your child. Your spouse. Your mom or dad.

    Go ahead—I dare you to try this.

    Pull your child into the room and say, “Honey, you are just a loser. You will always be fat.”

    Doesn’t that make you want to cringe?

    Well then… what’s the difference between your child and your self?

    Make that pact. And then have the courage to live up to it. ONCE is all it will take. You will not even be able to get the words out of your mouth. Imagine saying to your spouse that they “always look like crap and will never have a nice body.” How much love will that get you? A night on the couch, perhaps, but not much love in return.

    Or say to your mom, “Gee, you are such a loser.”

    Can you even bear the thought? Good. Now you will forever have this example in your mind the next time you start the self-sabotage conversation with your self.

    Let’s carry it one step further:

    Anything you feed yourself you must be willing

    to feed the person you love the most.

    Oh, it’s getting tough, isn’t it?

    That’s right—if you go to wolf down a gallon of ice cream, you have to be willing to encourage the same eating behavior in your loved ones. Can you do it?

    No. Of course not. And they do not want to see this action from you, either.

    Simply begin to think of your SELF as an entity to love—not as some intangible “thing” living inside a shell we call the body. Do that, and you can truly love others AS you love your self.

    The Top 10 Secret

    I have a secret weapon when it comes to fitness:

    Fitness is one of the Top 10 reasons I exist.

    Let that sink in.

    You see, I fully realize that I can never live out my destiny, which includes far more than muscles and abs, without having muscles and abs! They go together. My body is the foundation for my greatest destiny. Therefore, fitness (working out, eating, spending the money necessary to make it happen, making time, and so-on) is one of the Top 10 reasons I am on planet earth. Period!

    It’s actually in the Top 5.

    Do you really think it’s easy for me to skip a workout when I have this in the forefront of my mind? And, do you think I am special for achieving this mental state? No! I just made a decision. You can too.

    A study was done on people who remained fit for more than thirty years. Without one exception, they all built their lives around their workouts—not the other way around. Now, their workouts were no more than an hour a day on average (mine are less), but they scheduled everything around them: Work, play, family… everything.

    Does this sound unreasonable? Is it really?

    Imagine for a moment how much more productive you would be at work with 25 pounds less body fat, twice your natural energy, and a physical presence that commanded attention.

    Imagine how much more productive you would be as a mom or dad if you carried this energy with you while you dropped off the kids at school or went to the grocery store?

    Imagine how much more grateful you would feel as you kneel in prayer at church?

    Imagine how much stronger you would be as a role model for your kids and those around you? So many people look to you for guidance and as a role model for how they should live their lives.

    Imagine if they saw someone who was not “obsessed” with fitness but rather in love with the life it enabled them to achieve?

    Now you know why the most successful fitness role models build their lives around their physical goals. The physical is the foundation—and just as the foundation below your feet, it had better be rock-solid and cared for before all else.

    Fear Is Meaningless

    With the exception of reflexive fear, meaning, “Ouch, I will not touch that hot stove again!”, fear is virtually as useless as your appendix. The appendix is a vestibule organ left over from a time when, as theory goes, it was once a part of the digestive system. Sometime over the centuries we lost the need for this organ and it’s now without function, save as one theory goes a storehouse for bacteria in case you have dysentery, although this is highly debatable.

    Fear is much like the appendix—

    remove it once it becomes inflamed.

    An inflamed fear response goes something like this:

    “I do not have the time.”

    “I do not think I can do that.”

    “I do not believe I am talented enough.”

    “I do no thing I am smart enough.”

    “I do not have enough money.”

    “I do not …”

    Do you notice the first three words? If you find yourself saying ‘I DO NOT’ about anything,  even it it’s good, you have what I call an inflamed fear response.

    Time to nip it in the bud.

    Here’s the two secrets to getting it done:

    1. Do It Anyway

    This is an expression I use all the time when I feel that fear response. I just say, “Whatever… do it anyway.” Seriously, what is the worst thing that can happen? I am not speaking of daredevil stuff here. The fear response to, say, not wanting to try tightrope walking without lessons is perfectly reasonable given your reaction to falling in the past!

    However, when you take this reaction and apply it to, say, a new diet plan or a new experience of some kind, it becomes something that interferes with the memories of your destiny. One day you will have memories of your life, and that is all you will have at some point. Those memories are your destiny. Fear can rob you of thousands of memories and replace them with, “Well, I paid my bills on time.”

    Hardly a destiny worth your endeavor.

    “Do it anyway” prompts action. And like a boat in harbor, you can only maneuver once in motion. Stuck in one place you can do nothing, but you can always change course once you begin moving.

    2. Take Just One Action Towards

    Okay, perhaps it’s a bit much to just “do it anyway”, but you can do one thing that moves you toward your goal and away from your fear.

    Most everything you have learned has come to you through steps taken in spite of fear. Once taken, the fear vanishes. So you must ask yourself a serious question: Was the fear real at all? It certainly felt real, but feelings cannot be trusted all the time.

    In reality, fear is an illusion. The illusion of control. The illusion of a “safe life”. The illusion of a painless existence.

    Should you have such an existence, you would be cursed above all men or women. There is a Persian curse that says, “May you instantly have all that you wish for.” This is a curse, not a blessing. It sounds like it is paradise, but in reality it would be a prison.

    All growth, all knowledge, and all your physical success comes at the hands of effort. Sometimes that effort brings temporary pain, much as the pain you feel when you lift weights is temporary, only to be replaced by the joy and the rush of the “pump” into your muscles and the beauty of a leaner and more defined physique.

    Use this principle. Take but one step, one action toward. You may find you want to take another once you realize that fear is a phantom; nothing more than the appendix of the mind.

    Time For Action!

    We have come to the end of our Fat Loss Accelerator Course. Now, it’s time for you to do one thing:


    Decide that everything on this page is worth re-reading…then do it.

    Decide that you now know enough to get the job done (and you do)…then do it.

    Decide that, if you want to have a bit more information, direction, or even just some hand-holding (there’s nothing wrong with that), then select the book, books, or supplements you desire, decide to order them…then do it.

    Finally, decide you are going to share this Course and this new way of looking at fitness (and perhaps at life) with the ones you care about the most. This is a journey, and it’s always best to travel together.

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    Yours in Fitness, Health, and Truth,
    Jon Dana Benson

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      • Jon Benson says:

        Hi David,

        Yes, several of my products deal specifically with the mind. M-Power is a 48-week audio series on the mental side of fitness, success, and relationships. 7 Minute Muscle has 1/3 of the book dedicated to “the Flow State”, citing numerous studies on the power of the mind over the body. Thanks, and happy reading!


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