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June 25

Get Off Your “BUT”

Sean Stephenson and Jon Dana Benson

Sean flexes his might guns! I didn't have the courage to flex mine next to the Little Big Man!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever had the good fortune to run across.

His name is Sean Stephenson. Sean has suffered more pain, more hardships, and more reasons to quit everything, including life itself, than most of us can imagine.

He suffers from a disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a rare brittle-bone condition. This left Sean confined to a wheelchair for life, having broken hundreds of bones as a result of the condition. Coughing once broke his ribs. Can you imagine?

And you think you have it tough. (Same goes for me.)

But that’s far from the end of the story.

No, Sean has built himself an empire. Sean worked under President Clinton. Sean is finishing his second Ph.D. (because one was just not good enough) from the University of Honolulu. Sean wrote the bestseller,
Get Off Your “But”
, about how so many of use succumb to The “Buts” of Life. All over the world, Sean hears the excuses… “I’d get in shape, but I have three kids and work a lot and…” Or, “I’d pursue my dreams, but I have…” You name it, Sean has heard it.

He just never bought into that crap. Neither should we.

Oh… and (get this) Sean is a bodybuilder.

Re-read that last sentence. Then watch the video below. It gives me goosebumps to think of how much effort this man has to put forth just to muster up the courage to train—but through training, and an alkaline-heavy diet, he’s transformed his body and his condition.

He is amazingly strong now. His bones no longer shatter due to his increased strength and bone density through weight training. He even threw out the first pitch at a Major League baseball game, from the lying down and rolling position, and it popped the catcher’s glove!

Listen: Fitness and resistance training adds so much to my quality of life. It’s the best thing I’ve ever discovered to radically change just about every aspect of my well-being. But Sean is at an entirely different level, demonstrating powerfully how challenging resistance training kicks some serious ass.

Have a look, then visit Sean’s site if you want more inspiration at

Afterwards, hit the gym!

February 28

3 tips for a better butt

You are going to LOVE this: Today’s article is from the creator of “The Sexy Butt Makeover”… none other than Joey Atlas.

What a FORCE Joey is when it comes to shaping women’s bodies!


3 Tips For Your Best Butt EVER!
by Joey Atlas
The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan


WHEN YOUR BUTT is looking good, the rest of your body is looking good too. Find me someone with a great set of buns (with or without clothes) and I’ll bet money the rest of their body is in sweet shape too.

There’s a reason for this… When you make your backside the foundation of your fitness and body enhancement efforts – the rest of your body follows along. The glutes and all the muscles in and around that lower-body region are responsible for a lot (think: “center of gravity”)…

And when that whole zone gets proper stimulation – with ideal movements based on form, tempo and sequence factors – it becomes a catalyst for all the other muscles of the body that are directly or indirectly connected to that pelvic/core zone.

If you are looking for a variation in your approach or are still looking for a way to fine tune your buns and the rest of your body
- this should help you get there…

Here are your 3 “best butt & body” tips:

1. You MUST define what type of butt you have.

Before you can make the desired improvements with your ‘rear-end’ you MUST know what problem you are trying to fix.
Different women have different types of bodies and butts – and while various women can follow the same program – they will NEED certain variations in that program to cater to her specific butt/body type.

The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan <— The Plan in action

Example: A woman who wants to reduce the size of her large butt and slim down a bit will follow a different sequence and progression as compared to a woman who i underweight and very thin who wants to gain weight and sculpt some ‘curvyness’ into her body.

2. Your exercise choices should hold your butt as the “center of attention”.

When you focus on improving the condition of your “backside” and the hot-spots which surround it (think: hips, thighs, midriff/core, etc…) and the rest of your body gets “properly” trained in synergy with that targeted focal area – the results you experience are faster and more noticeable.

You can’t lie to yourself when seeing these dramatic changes while standing naked in front of the mirror. In this case – the positive proof isn’t in the proverbial pudding, it’s in the reflection starting right back at you.

3. The foods you eat and your other activities are powerful leverage points.

When your nutrition is in sync with your body enhancement goals – you basically make your efforts at least 10 times easier – many people will argue its even much more than that. I’m not talking about a “crazy-diet”… I’m referring to some very simple, do-able and common eating habits which most people forget or simply ignore…

And… adding the right type and amount of simple cardio exercise also gives you incredible leverage as you move closer and closer to your ideal butt and body. Remember though – the type and amount of cardio you do have to be in line with your type of butt & body – and the specific improvements you desire.

The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan <— women’s feedback

When you put the synergy in place which I’ve outline above – be ready for “the girls” to show their jealously and envy because most women don’t bother to unleash their best butts and bodies… And since you are – they will either want to know… “What have you been doing?” or…
If they are the “stuck in a rut type” they would much rather keep throwing money down the drain on quick fixes, gimmicks and “corrective surgeries” – most of which leaves all of them still unsatisfied, frustrated and angry…

But, since you’re reading this – I trust you are the type to take properly targeted and focused action to get real and undeniable changes, while everyone else keeps going around in circles with everything that doesn’t work.

You can learn more about my unique and highly personalized plan to get you the best booty possible in just <u>WEEKS</u> by going here:

The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan <— click to see before/after results

Enjoy the results!

Joey Atlas
Contributing Writer to Jon Benson Fitness
The Sexy Butt Makeover Plan

February 20

“Midlife Crisis” theory gutted and left for dead

If you have ever wondered if you are having… or if you are going to have… a “midlife crisis”…


New research appearing on the scene today kills the old nonsense about folks in midlife…

As you’ll see, it turns out that people who have entered “The Zone”… which is roughly 30-70 years of age (yes, 70!) are far from in a state of crisis any longer.

In fact, we are stronger, more self-assured, and even LEANER than our younger friends.

How ’bout that?

Listen: If you want to read my first book, authored in 2004, that was saying this stuff almost a decade ago… with PICTURES to proof it to your eyes… then go here: <--- the truth about midlife

Here's what researchers are saying:

"Middle-age adults are no longer driven, but now the drivers," say Bernice Neugarten and Nancy Datan in their paper "The Middle Years".

I LOVE that sentence! We're in the driver's seat of life folks… that is if you're over the age of 30 and under the age of 70.

As for that "under 70" part… well, folks like the late, great Jack LaLanne proved that people into their 80s and 90s can be driving Ferraris when it comes to piloting their own destiny.

There's more:

"There is no specific time in life that predisposes you to crisis," said Alexandra Freund, a life-span researcher at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

"People are experts of themselves at this age."

Another provocative statement… so strong you can taste it!

"Experts of themselves."

Okay… so let's get past the rah-rah, look how cool we really are bit and move to some facts:

You MAY not feel like a self-expert…
You MAY not look like someone who is crisis-free…
You MAY not hear the good news for the noise…

The noise? A life that's TOO busy. Too "young" if you will. Too much on the go.

So much that, perhaps, you are letting yourself go just a bit… and… just maaaaybeee….

Blaming it on your age.

It's not your age. It's your commitments.

We only have so much time in the day, right? So a lot of folks who are super hard-working men and women find themselves out of shape and too damn tired to do much about it.

The SIN… the SIN here is to blame this on AGE.

It's not your age.

It's your commitments.

I repeated that on purpose. : )

Here's what I propose:

1. Re-examine your commitments; your time and how you are spending it. What can you alter or even let go of entirely so you can spend just 30 minutes a day taking care of YOU?

2. Who can you recruit? You need to pull your allies closer during this time. Push your enemies away… and do it ruthlessly. While you're nowhere near as 'old' as you may think you are, you are still battling that second hand on your watch…tick-tick-tick…

In short, you need some SOLID role models…folks who you can look to and get inspiration. That's what "Fit Over 40" is ALL about… (read more)

You also need a partner in crime. A friend or a spouse you can embark with on this new adventure.

3. Decide to make 1 SIMPLE CHANGE per day…or even per week… for the next 30 days. That’s it… do that and repeat this exerise until you have a personalized “Me System”…

Not just a cookie-cutter dietplan… never works.

You have to personalize, baby.

Make it your OWN.

Sure, I give you a great head start in my book, but you’ll need to take charge after reading it and committ bravely to one massive goal:


If you OWN it, you will DO IT.

Okay, one more thing:

“Researchers conducting large surveys have found that the main problem for middle-age people is feeling unable to get everything done.”

Direct quote from today’s news story.

LOOK: It’s a brave new world… a brave YOUNG world… where folks like me (I’m 47) look and feel 10, 15 even 20 years younger than their age.

Sure, it takes some work… everything does.

Yet, you now have the chance to turn back those tick-tocking second hands and look, feel, and move younger than you have in years.

It starts with your committment.

And hey: If there’s one thing we middle-age folks do better than anyone at any age…

… it’s committment.

The great news is that in 2011 you have so many more resources to make that committment easier time-wise, easier lifestyle-wise, and just a heck of a lot more fun.

Time’s a-wastin… : )

Jon Dana Benson

P.S. Did you like this article? Did it move you to desire some action? Some positive changes?

If so, would you be a sport and share it with others?

We’re in this thing together, you know… : )

January 25

Your Daring, New Life (And The Loss Of An Icon)

Jack LaLanne, A True American IconThe world lost one of its best friends yesterday. I lost one of my heroes. Fitness icon and pioneer Jack LaLanne passed away after a very short struggle with pneumonia and complications from the disease. He was 96, and he worked out up until the very day he got sick.

Folks, fitness is not JUST about trying to live longer… it’s about trying to live BETTER.

Jack lived better than most people ever could. He lived more in a day than an unhealthy, passionless person lives in their entire lifetime.

I ask you to do three things in the free audio below.

I also discuss major changes in the way I’ll be doing business and providing free content to you in the coming year.

Oh… it’s unscripted. Raw. Safe for work… but still unedited. From the heart.

A tad too personal?… Perhaps.

You tell me:

Thank you, and Jack… R.I.P. Your influence and legacy will never die… and in that, rest assured, your image is still very much alive and kicking.

P.S. If you enjoy this audio, please click on the “Like” button at the bottom (look below) and share it on Facebook… or just email the link below to your friends:


. A lot of you have emailed me asking about my books and motivational products. I want to say THANK YOU and that I’m honored that you liked the audio above so much that you wanted to know more.

You can browse them here:

September 8

[audio] Insane amount of free diet information!

Scott Colby, CPT just interviewed me recently for “Fit Pros Against Cancer.” My job: Help give away a TON of free fitness information to his listeners as they called into the show.

And I think I did a pretty good job.

You tell me… ; )

Here’s what we cover in just about 30 minutes…

  1. How much fat can you burn (and inches can you lose) in just 6 days?…
  2. How to make fatloss “easier” (not ‘easy’… but easier!)…
  3. What to do about perimenopause and menopause stress and the fat-gain that comes with it… AND…
  4. The “Stress-Free” dietplan for women who fight the “pooch” or who are going through perimenopause or menopause!
  5. Is exercise worthless if you sit down while you work?…
  6. What about fitness for “seniors”?… Can you gain muscle and shed fat past the age of 60?
  7. An inhome exercise that lasts 7 minutes but that can increase the lifespan of women by up to 60%! …
  8. The shocking truth about whole grains and disease…
  9. The “myth” of shaping/building muscle AND dropping bodyfat at the same time… hear the TRUTH about this once and for all! …
  10. How you can have your cake (literally!) and eat it too (i.e. get all the fatburning benefits while still enjoying desserts)…
  11. How to “reboot” your key fatburning hormone using nothing more than the food in your refrigerator!…
  12. This freee substance uses 90% or more of your calories… and you need more of it… find out what it is!…
  13. The “Food Purist” versus the “Food Rebel”… which one are you?…
  14. The one thing you can to TODAY without hardly any effort to improve your appearance and your health!…
  15. 2 simple exercises you can do at work to remove back strain and improve your abs (yes… ABS!)…
  16. Why the “baby boomer” generation is literally being left out of most fitness plans… and a plan that’s perfectly suited for all boomers!…
  17. The 1 trick I use to workout without nagging injuries! …
  18. Why exrercise decreases 1 critical sex-hormone… and what you can do to prevent it (even increase it!) …
  19. The importance of strength over the age of 30 (it’s not what you think… and it’s VITAL!) …
  20. And more!

Listen By Clicking The Play Button Below!

Products + Free Video Mentioned In Audio Include…