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May 14

How Flavia Got Her Body Back

The stunning Flavia Del Monte

Flavia, showing off her transformed body. Ladies, this is the result of hard work with the right plan!

Ladies, this first edition of Weekend Weight Loss features two of my good friends in the fitness industry: The amazing lady to your left, Flavia Del Monte, and the equally fit Mr. Scott Tousignant from

Flavia is MORE than candid about her desires to show off a body that “proved I went to the gym”… AND she lays to ruin the myth that she was just “born that way.” Hardly.

Flavia also covers the essentials all women need to know in order to achieve their dream body. Yes, it’s hard work—and you expected that, right? But it’s also working SMART. Flavia’s System (see below) is the ultimate ‘Savvy Woman’ Workout in my opinion.

After you listen in, visit her website and see for yourself.

Here’s The Questions Scott Asks Flavia:

1) Most women would love to look as good as you did 18 months ago, what inspired you to take your physique to the next level?

2) You have had no problem telling women that it takes a lot of hard work to earn a flawless figure. What were some of the most challenging moments that you experienced? Were there ever temporary moments when you felt like it was just too hard and if so, how were you able to push forward?

3) Although it took a boat load of hard work to achieve your goal, was it an enjoyable process for you? What are some of the things that you enjoy most out of the transformation journey?

4) During your journey did you ever take the time to step back, check yourself out in the mirror, and make note of certain areas that you needed to improve upon? Example; shoulders, abs, butt? Were you able to be critical of your physique without beating yourself up over some of your flaws?

5) I’ve seen your face light up when you talked about your abs. I can tell that you are incredibly proud of your achievements. How has this transformation impacted your mindset? For example; Has it opened up doors to new possibilities? Has it made you realize that you are capable of achieving some pretty amazing goals? Has your confidence been boosted?

6) What was your biggest learning experience from your recent transformation?

Here’s the interview:

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P.S. You can also just click on the graphic below… Enjoy!

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