The Secret To Really Having A “Body For Life”...

“See How A 54-Year-Old Heart Attack Surviver And
Former Obese Man Reversed Heart Disease And
Reclaimed His 29-Inch Waistline...And Has Taught
Over 171,320 Men And Women To Do The Same!”

My Doctor ORDERED ME To Lose Weight When I Was In My 30s —
"Jon, You Will Not See Your 40th Birthday Unless You Do!"

I Ignored Him And Suffered
A MASSIVE Heart Attack!

That Forced Me Into Cracking The Obesity/Heart Disease CODE... And Now
You Too Can Take 15-20 Years Off Your Looks Without Surgery, Boost Your Metabolism, Gain Muscle And Lose All The Weight You Want As Fast As It
Can Come Off, And Restore Your Confidence — All Guaranteed!

Dear friend,

If you would like to discover the fastest and easiest way to lose weight, help protect yourself from a fatal heart attack, reclaim the energy of your teenage years, and reverse the aging process in your body, then this will be the most important message you ever read in your life.

Read on to discover how I
lost over 65 pounds of fat...
and kept it off!

Here's why: My name is Jon Benson and about fifteen years ago, when I was sick, fat and slowly dying, I accidentally stumbled onto a simple secret that not only took off the excess weight and saved me from an early grave, but also exploded my energy and health to levels I never even dreamed possible. Since then, I've spent the last few years "tweaking" and perfecting this amazing health and fitness breakthrough and putting it into a format that YOU can use to get the same type of incredible results yourself.

What's more... you can "test drive" this new program on a trial basis without risking a penny.

Sound's too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, it's not. And if you're SERIOUS about your health and your body—because this is only going to work if you are—then sit back and read every word closely because by the time you finish reading this web page, you will have learned:

Guru Review

Rob Cooper Shed Over 300 Pounds
And Started

"It took years to finally summit Mount Everest, but once it was accomplished, new climbers said if they can do it, I can do it! It took that first climber...a role pave the way.

Likewise, there is no better example of 'if you can do it, I can do it' when it comes to health and physical transformation than the excellent role models in Fit Over 40.

Through their examples, we find what works, what doesn't work and can avoid their mistakes. These ordinary people who have gone before us truly show that anything is possible!"

Rob Cooper, Edmonton Canada
Author, Radio Host;
Lost over 300 pounds!

You may be thinking, "Jon, if your secret is that simple and powerful, then what stops most people over age 40 from enjoying the kind of health they really want? Why are so many people overweight and unfit?"

Well, for one thing, no one has had access to this information, in this format, ever before, until now. But mostly... simple human nature:

Most people don't want to exercise or exert themselves much... until it's very late in the game, and then they're forced to do something or face the consequences...

Jim D. Mag

...That's exactly what happened to me...

My doctor ordered me to 'Lose weight or die!'

Here's what happened:

From the time I was 30 until 38 my health was in shambles... I weighed 242 pounds with 38% body fat. The doctors told me I was "clinically obese".

My triglycerides were over 1,000, my resting heart rate was 98 and my blood pressure was 190/110. I was quite literally, a walking time bomb, on the verge of a stroke or heart attack! My fasting insulin was through the roof, making me a prime candidate for Type 2 Diabetes. I had the hormone levels of a 75-year-old man... and that's exactly how I felt... "OLD" ... at the age of 35.

Then, I got a "slap in the face" wake up call... My doctor looked me straight in the eyes and said:

"Jon, If you don't change your ways,
you'll never live to see your 40th birthday!"

I didn't listen.

Then at 4AM on September 21, 2002, everything changes. I suffered a near-fatal heart attack and lost part of my heart tissue forever. 

They say most people will do ANYTHING to get rid of a life threatening health problem once they have it, but few will lift a finger to prevent it in the first place. I can vouch from experience that it's true.

As I sank into my hospital bed a few days later with my 44-inch waist spilling over on to the bed, and I began contemplating how I was going to restore myself to the man I once was...or literally die trying.

That's when the idea hit me!

I recalled an infomercial I had seen many years earlier by motivational speaker Tony Robbins, which led me to order his tape series. I dug the tapes out from the box where they'd been collecting dust for years, and listened to them again.

I didn't know it yet, but one single idea from those tapes was about to transform my life, literally overnight!  Tony said...

"Role modeling is an easy shortcut to massive results fast"

"Easy shortcut" sounded real good to me... and after investigating the subject some more, it got even better:

Modeling is when you find people who have the skills, knowledge or results you want and you simply copy-cat their methods, allowing you to duplicate their results as fast as humanly possible. Modeling gives you an unfair advantage that speeds up your rate of progress and slices years off your learning curve.

Modeling is the secret that's been used to "reverse engineer" the intelligence strategies of Albert Einstein, the creativity strategies of Walt Disney, the musical strategies of virtuoso violinists, the persuasion strategies of star salespeople, the investment strategies of financial geniuses, the leadership strategies of winning coaches and the medal winning strategies of elite athletes.

So I thought, "Why not use modeling to uncover and duplicate the health and fitness strategies of men and women who conquered aging and disease?"

The idea of "modeling health & fitness" made all the sense in the world to me.

But I also realized that the key would be finding the right role models... They say that if you follow the herd, you'll have to step in a lot of manure!

Real World Results: Case Study #733

“I didn't look THIS good when I was a teenager!”

"In the past year I have read Fit Over 40 and Tom Venuto's book, as well as every book and audio that Jon has recommended.

I am now at 16% body fat at 45 years-old—for no other reason than to be the best I can be. You tell me if I have reversed the aging process!

I didn't look THIS good when I was a teenager!"

Donna Pass
Green Bay, WI

Real World Results: Case Study #67

“If you were anywhere near me I'd give you a big hug!”

"Jon, I have made a lot of headway this past month. Thank you very much for writing what you have! If you were anywhere near me I would have to run up, throw my arms around you and give you a great big hug!

Here are my official results:
April 19, 2007
Weight: 204 | Body fat: 31% | Fat pounds: 63 | Lean Pounds: 140
Weight: 196 | Body fat: 24% | Fat pounds: 48 | Lean Pounds: 147

I lost 15 pounds of body fat and put on 7 pounds of lean muscle! I am VERY excited about this!"

Barb Bilodeau
Poland, ME

So I paid no attention to the overweight and unhealthy masses...
I started searching for the rare few who had already succeeded...

I searched for people who already had what I wanted, so I didn't have to re-invent the wheel, but could simply "copy and paste" what they did.

I looked for some role models just for inspiration... I looked for other role models who had health problems like me but overcame them... And—because the BIG 4-0 was creeping up on me soon—I also looked for role models who achieved fitness excellence and maintained it over time, regardless of how old they were.

My lucky break came when I stumbled onto the work of Clarence Bass, author of "Lean For Life" and the "Ripped" book series and Dr. Richard Winett, author of "Ageless Athletes" and founder of "Master Trainer" magazine.

Clarence Bass Here were two guys who knew how to maintain tremendous fitness and super low body fat at over 50 years of age. Clarence was tested at the Cooper Clinic in Texas with 2% body fat when he was 56 years old! Dr. Winett achieved 5% body fat and a 27½ inch waist at age 52!

Obviously, these guys knew something that I didn't...(but soon would learn).

As my search continued, I fell in love with the amazing stories (and physiques) of former Mr. Universe, Dave Draper, and former Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane. These men were bodybuilding legends in the 1960's & 1970's but, more impressively, they maintain unbelievable physiques today—in their 60s!

I was also influenced by fitness icon Shawn Phillips, trainer extraordinaire Roger Applewhite, the Fat Burning Diet Guru, Jay Robb, and Tom Venuto of "Burn The Fat" fame— now my business partner. My role models were becoming my friends, and I quickly learned how heavily influenced we are by the company we keep.

But most important of all...

Working with so many role models—up close and
personal—allowed me to extract their secrets
and literally "clone their success!"

Jon with Shawn Phillips Jon with Dave Draper

I want to stress to you that my modeling research was NOT based on reading or mere observation, but on sleeves rolled up, down in the trenches, up close and personal work with many of these people... and exhaustive hours of interviewing with many others.

I doubt that anyone has had as much opportunity as I've had for close observation of dozens of OVER-40 Fitness success stories—in the gym as well as in their natural habitats and everyday lives. My "insider access" allowed me a stunning peek inside their heads to find out how they think and inside their kitchens and gyms to understand how they eat and train.

I discovered that every successful person had certain things in common. These commonalities are crucial, vitally important, profoundly significant, and when you understand them, can be quickly and easily duplicated and installed in you.

But mere imitation is not enough, and because of the genetic individuality factor, it can sometimes even be the cause of failure...

There was still ONE LITTLE "MISSING LINK"...

Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist who created his own fighting arts system, once said, "Research, absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own."

Lee provided the missing link: Customization! I put the "common denominators" together to create a "MASTER MIND MODEL", and then customized by adding what was uniquely mine...

And the results were astonishing!

Within 12 months, I totally reversed the damage I had done to my body and literally slashed at least 10-15 years off my biological age:

Jon's other before and after image

My doctors couldn't believe it!
They freaked out! In fact...
one of them didn't even recognize me!

I sat on the doc's table with my shirt off, as always. He walked in, acted like he'd never seen me before, looked down at his clipboard, then looked up and said, "I treated a Jon Benson a few years back...any relation?"

I KNEW at that moment I had finally "cracked the code" and stumbled onto an honest-to-God shortcut that anyone could use to lose weight, revitalize their health and turn back the clock on aging. I had discovered that role modeling is...

THE SECRET to motivation,
THE SECRET to hyper-fast learning and
THE SECRET to rapid body transformation...

Listen: What I now know about modeling health and fitness can so dramatically transform your life—simply, quickly and cheaply—that I OWE it to you to share these secrets. And that's now become my JOB.

For the past several years, I've been passionately teaching what I've learned through my website, newsletter and TTP-90 Total Transformation coaching program. My clients have enjoyed such breathtaking success, that I knew I absolutely HAD to find a way to share my "amazing discovery" in a much bigger way.

Some of my clients said that I should write a book about my transformation. But I had an even more ingenious idea... Since role models helped ME so much, I said,

Why not compile an entire book full of role models and let them
write about their own transformations —in their own words
to serve as examples, to educate and to motivate other people?

I immediately knew that a book of role models would be a much more powerful work than if I wrote a book on my own. So I spent an entire year searching the globe to find 52 role models who made amazing transformations of their own and were willing to share their stories with the world.

Tom Venuto I also decided that the book would be twice as powerful if it were written by two people—and picking a co-author for a book about modeling fitness success was not difficult: Tom Venuto is a friend, colleague and author of the #1 best selling diet and fitness E-Book in the world, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle. Tom is only in his mid 30s, but he's been studying the secrets of health and fitness success for over 15 years!

Tom is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and—what makes him different from other trainers—he's also a success coach and licensed master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)—the "excellence modeling" technology invented by Richard Bandler, and popularized by Anthony Robbins.

Guru Review

The Author of "Command More Luck"
Charles Burke says...


"Man, I can't believe how inspiring your new book is.

That's powerful stuff—all those pictures, personal stories, and how-to, rolled into one package."

Charles Burke, Japan
Author, Inside the Minds of Winners
Author, Command More Luck

Guru Review

The President of Precision Nutrition
Dr. John Berardi says...


"Fit Over 40 is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning how to lose fat, build lean mass, and improve their overall quality of life. If you're looking to make a lifestyle change, you should be taking lessons from those who've already succeeded!"

John Berardi, PhD, CSCS
Faculty Member, University of Texas
President, Precision Nutrition

With 52 success stories from men and women, and more than one author,
that was the birth of a new book unlike anything ever published
in the history of the health and fitness industry:

Fit Over 40: Role Models For Excellence At Any Age!

Updated and New as of February 2007...

Now, For A Limited Time Only, I Will Rush You A
FREE PAPERBACK COPY of Fit Over 40 When You Order
“Fit Over 40 Deluxe: The Success For Life Kit”...Today!

The Fit Over 40 Deluxe “Success For Life” Kit Includes...
(1) The Fit Over 40 304-page e-Book, (2) Two BodyTalk™ MP3 audios,
“How To Get Started And Stay Motivated For Life!” and
“The Fit Over 40 15-Minute Workout Plan!” (Yes, 15 Minutes!),
(3) PLUS your COMPLIMENTARY Hard Copy Paperback Edition of
Fit Over 40 along with my FREE Audio CD bonus, BodyTalk!


This new book is already sending shock waves throughout the health and fitness world... while making a lot of anti-aging and life extension "experts" very nervous. But it's also making a lot of people like you very happy, because we really did "crack the code" on getting in shape as fast as humanly possible.

Look: I searched for over 5 years to find the mentors to help propel me from sick and fat to healthy and fit. Now you can get all the secrets to better health and a better body — in less than 5 minutes! We've found all the mentors for you!

Instead of one person's ideas on training, nutrition and motivation, now a single resource contains the amazing true stories of 52 men and women who maintain awe-inspiring levels of health, fitness and vitality from age 40–80:

Discover how they look and feel 10, 15, 20 years younger
and how you can too!

Yes, these results seem almost unbelievable—yet they are the true, documented, certified results achieved by men and women who are just like you... the only difference is, they made a decision to change and then took action.

These role models provide undeniable evidence that you're never too old or too "far-gone" to get in shape, feel better and transform yourself. When you see results like these with your own eyes, all your excuses go right out the window!

As a direct result of modeling their methods, an older man or woman can enjoy:

Sound good? It is. Yet, you do not need to understand the science behind any of it because each Fit Over 40 role model will reveal to you, in their own words

There's no technical jargon or piles of scientific papers to sort through... Just follow the examples and "how to" guidelines, and you can enjoy results you never dreamed possible. What could be easier? Even flipping through the pictures can inspire and motivate you instantly!

However, we didn't stop with 52 success stories! There's much more! In addition to the 52 success stories, Fit Over 40 includes TWO MORE sections!!!

First, there's a detailed chapter about my journey from fat to fit, unhealthy to healthy, including:

Second, Fitness guru and success coach Tom Venuto teaches you everything you need to know about nutrition, training and mental-conditioning for staying lean and muscular at any age.

And believe me, this doesn't even scratch the surface! There's way too much in our sections of the book to list on this web page. Believe me—it's a wealth of life-changing information!

"The Fit Over 40 book makes a mockery of the 'experts'!"

"The Fit Over 40 book makes a mockery of the 'experts' who continually say that once you're over 50 you're on the scrap heap! How many lives could have been saved and improved if the truth had been known?"
» Margaret Norman, Central Australia

"There is enough inspiration to last me forever!"

"I have downloaded your ebook and may I say, there is enough inspiration and advice in there to last me forever. Roll on the years, I don't care—I will just keep pushing back the ages!"
» Chris J Smith, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

"It is never too late to reverse aging!"

"Jon, your book is going to have a huge positive impact on a lot of lives. At age 73, I embarked on a body restoration program using the approaches you and Tom Venuto espouse. I intend to promote your message of hope that says to me: It is never too late to reverse aging."
» Frederick Colbourne

WARNING: Diet programs can wreck your metabolism,
especially if you're over 40!

Let me point out that Fit Over 40 is NOT a "diet" program. In fact, I recommend you never fool with diet pills or strict low calorie diets — ever. Starving yourself will only make your body "panic" and store more fat — while you burn up precious muscle tissue!

The difference between Fit Over 40 and all those other programs where you tried and failed is the special combination between nutrition and exercise. You're going to learn a lot of simple secrets in Fit Over 40 that will make getting leaner and healthier easier than ever—but don't let anyone kid you—you absolutely must exercise!

Proven fact: Exercise and nutrition are like two wheels on a bicycle. If one is flat, the other isn't going to take you very far.

That's why I said earlier that this book is ONLY for people who are serious about their bodies and their health. This really is a fast-results short cut, but if you think you can just pop a pill and then sit back and do nothing, well, dream on!

One more thing: Any good psychologist will tell you that even with the best nutrition and exercise program in the world, self-limiting beliefs and negative thinking will sink you like a torpedo.

The single most important factor in anti-aging

Many of our FIT OVER 40 role models say that "HOW I THINK" is the single most important factor of all for holding onto your health and youthfulness.

Are you surprised? Were you expecting to hear about some rare growth hormone-releasing antler velvet recently discovered on caribou from the remote corners of Siberia? An amazing scientific discovery by Swedish scientists that stops human cells from aging? Himalayan villagers living to 120 by drinking a special blend of Yak yogurt? A diet secret used by Okinawan fisherman? Or maybe an esoteric herb found in the jungles of the Amazon?

Don't be fooled! The big multi-million dollar corporations may try to BS you into believing this nonsense, but I won't. The truth is much simpler than these fairy tales you read about in the magazines and see on infomercials.

The real "magic" happens when you work on the outside using exercise and nutrition while working on the inside using the hidden power of your mind... Fit Over 40 will teach you how to tap into the power of thoughts, beliefs and core values to skyrocket you to success.

Want to see MORE PROOF of what the Fit Over 40 Lifestyle can do for YOU?

Here are two pictures of me with my lovely mother.

Mom and Me, then The first picture was taken when I was 38 years old. My mom was 75 years old at the time.

I want you to notice a few things...things that may surprise you. First, I'm actually near my peak shape in this photo...but guess what? You really can't tell in the face. For one reason, I was not clean-shaven. However, the MAIN reason is that I had yet to start practicing what I cover in my MIND SECTION in Fit Over 40.

It would be another year until I unlocked the key to the INNER PEACE that leads to OUTER BEAUTY. I include that in my book, Fit Over 40. The mind is the one thing almost EVERY fitness and "diet" book simply forgets to cover.

That's crazy! The mind is the first thing that you must change in order to change your body. I just give you some incredible tools to do it faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

My mom was aging fast, especially after the death of my father a few years prior. She was slouching all the time from NO MUSCLE TONE, and she gained some weight. It showed in her face big-time. She started to lose some of her hair, too.

Mom and Me, now Now...take a look at the both of us five years later.

Do we look older...or YOUNGER? Much younger, of course!

This is not an airbrushed studio photo (although the quality is slightly better than the first picture.) My mother did NOT have any plastic surgery done. That's not a wig. This was a casual picture taken with a mediocre digital camera!

Not only do we both look YOUNGER, HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER, we both FEEL the way we look!

My 80-year-old mom works out 2-3 times per week in the gym and loves it. Why does she love it now and HATED it before? Because she put the MIND CHAPTER OF FIT OVER 40 TO WORK!

She's walking every day...sometimes for three miles. She takes a few supplements and eats modestly. And just look at the difference! My mom wears hardly any make-up, yet her face looks years younger. You can tell the difference in her eyes, too...they glow! Her face is now tight and firm. And look at her posture! She's actually developed 80!

As for me...well, I'm aging backwards folks. Ha! Seriously, at 43, I'm in better shape, look younger, and FEEL better than I did at 23 or 33...or even at 40!


Guru Review

Award Winning Author
John Harricharan says...


"This is not a book just about staying or being fit. It is a book which takes fitness to a much higher level than what we see today.

A brilliant combination of real-life stories with messages and information about staying fit in body, mind and spirit. Read it for the priceless information, inspiration and motivation and use it to keep yourself fit forever. This is real dynamite material."

John Harricharan, Atlanta Georgia
Author, When You Can Walk On Water, Take The Boat

Guru Review

Men's Health contributing writer
Craig Ballantyne, M.Sc. says...


"Fit Over 40 is a wake-up call to every man and woman that wants to improve their health while losing body fat. I don't care if you are the world's fittest 25-year old, if you aren't inspired by the stories of these men and women, including Jon Benson, taking up working out at ages 30, 40, 50, and older, than nothing ever could!"

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, M.Sc.
Contributor, Men's Health Magazine
Inside Fitness Training Advisory Board
Oxygen Magazine Training Advisory Board
CB Athletic Consulting, Inc.

My Response to the 11 Biggest Excuses Some People May Make
To Avoid Starting A Health & Fitness Program After 40

  1. "Yeah Jon, it sounds great, but my hormones are a mess."

    My hormones were so messed up at one point, it looked like there was no hope for me. I overcame it with diet and by working with my doctor. You can, too.

  2. "Well, I'm too embarrassed to go into a gym."

    So was I at first. Did you look at my before picture? Start exercising at home, get outside and walk, but do SOMETHING... Now!

  3. "But I couldn't possibly gain muscle at my age."

    Actually, the research is 100% conclusive about this... you can gain strength and muscle at any age. Landmark studies by William Evans at Tufts University showed that men and women in their 80's and 90's are as responsive to strength training as anyone.

  4. "Yeah, but I can't change my diet because my family eats a certain way and we'd all have to change."

    You go first then. By setting the example and being a "leader", you'll become the positive influence in your family and you may be surprised how family and friends will follow.

  5. "I work out enough just doing yard work."

    Good for you. Even mild exercise like gardening or raking leaves has health benefits. But how's your muscle to fat ratio? How's your strength? Do you like the way you look naked? Truth is, you NEED a comprehensive program — strength training, cardio, nutrition, and proper mental attitude or you're settling for so much less than you can be

  6. "Those people have superior genes."

    You're right—some of the people in Fit OVER 40 do have above average genetics. But many of them have horrible genetics and overcame that. Besides, the research shows that genetics are only 30% of the equation. That 30% is an advantage for sure, but any gerontologist will tell you that 70% of the aging effects most people experience are NOT "normal" and can be prevented through lifestyle factors under your control.

  7. "But I don't want to look like Arnold."

    Don't worry. It's extremely difficult to gain muscle bulk unless you're shooting up steroids or you're some kind of genetic freak. FIT OVER 40 training principles will make you toned and lean, they won't turn you into Mr. or Ms Universe.

  8. "I'm post menopausal."

    So are almost ALL the women inside the FIT OVER 40 book. If they did it during or after menopause, what's stopping you?

  9. "I have osteoporosis."

    Well in that case, you can't afford NOT to improve your diet and begin some weight bearing exercise IMMEDIATELY to improve your bone density or your osteoporosis will only get worse! (check with your doctor first, then get moving!)

  10. "I tried before and failed."

    Really? So you try things once and then you give up? When you were a baby and you fell over the first time you tried to walk, do you wish your parents had given up and said "Oh well, he tried to walk once and fell over—I guess he'll just have to crawl the rest of his life?"

  11. "I'm over 70, it's just too late for me."

    Over 70? So are 5 of the people in this book! Wait until you read about how a great-grand dad kicks the tails of kids literally 1/3 his age in the gym, in business AND in his love life! Wouldn't you like to find out how these 70+ year olds got themselves in fantastic shape? By the way, Jack Lalanne turned 90 recently and he still works out two hours a day. Ask Jack if he wishes he gave up at 70 because it was "too late."

No matter what kind of condition you're in today,
you can transform your body and your life...
and here is the ultimate proof:

Many of the 52 role models in the Fit Over 40 book, including myself, were on the verge of death before finally getting started... but they refused to be victims... unfazed, they stepped up to their challenges and OVERCAME:

Regardless of your state of health or what your body looks like right now, this is rock solid PROOF that you can work around anything and that most people's limitations are in their own minds. This is not fiction! These are real people with real results and now they are sharing exactly how they did it.

By now you're probably wondering how much the book costs. Well, let me ask you: How much is your health worth to you?

I lost my health once, and I almost lost my life — all because of reckless disregard for their value. What you take for granted can so easily be taken away!

Today, I know that the only true answer to that question is that, "YOUR HEALTH IS PRICELESS!"

That's why I'm sure you'll appreciate what an incredibly generous bargain it is for us to offer you the Fit Over 40 E-Book Edition for a limited time at the low introductory price of only $39.00. Once this introductory offer is over, the price will go back up to the regular retail of $49.00

“But Jon...I want a hard copy version!” No problem! As of February 2007, The Fit Over 40 Deluxe Paperback Edition is now available for a limited time!

Not only will you get Fit Over 40 in hard copy format, but you'll also receive the E-Book version as well FREE...PLUS a COMPLIMENTARY issue of my Quick Start Fitness CD, BodyTalk! You'll discover the Fit Over 40 15 Minute Workout, plus a 30-minute audio on EXACTLY how to stay super-motivated for life! You can get the Deluxe Hard Copy Edition, plus the E-Book, PLUS the free BodyTalk CD...all for only $59!! (Plus a small shipping fee.)

Fit Over 40 is NOT available in bookstores!
There's only one way to get your hands on
this revolutionary new book...and here's how!

Fit Over 40 is easy to download, even if you're a complete "computer dunce". All you have to do is click the order link below, and you'll be taken to the Clickbank secure order page. After you send in your order, you'll get a confirmation email and be taken instantly to the download page. This is the same for the E-Book and the Hard Copy Version.

The E-Book is in Adobe "PDF" format, which can be read on any computer; PC's and MAC's. All you need is the Acrobat reader software, which is already installed on most computers (or can be downloaded free).

The E-Book is fully printable too. (Some people even get their book bound, or they just stick the pages in a 3 ring binder). You can even upload the E-Book into most hand held devices and PDA's!

The Hard Copy Edition will be mailed to you Priority Mail. Depending on your location, the delivery will be about a week tops. Most of you will get it you'll have the E-Book immediately!

"A six-pack in my abs for the first time in my life!"

"Since I started applying Jon's advice, I am beginning to see a six-pack in my abs for the first time in my life! I practically flipped out when I looked at myself yesterday in the mirror! Also, most of my life I've averaged 1-2 colds a year. Over the past year and a half, I have not had one cold! All this at almost 50 years old!"
» Lee Wennerberg, Switzerland

"I've lost a total of 25 pounds!"

"When I first learned of Jon Benson's program, my cholesterol was 900 and my triglycerides were over 10,000! Now all my levels are decreasing rapidly. So far, I've lost a total of 25 pounds, and at age 49 I feel better than I have in years."
» Pat Hartley, Boulder, CO

"I already feel myself getting fitter!"

"Jon: I am really enjoying your program and recently tried your training protocols. After just a few weeks I already feel myself getting fitter! I am keen on rowing, and your principles have helped me get quicker. I now row 2000 meters regularly in under 7 minutes. Not too bad for a 46 year old!"
» Allan Webster, Great Britain

"I've lost 15 pounds of fat...great stuff!"

"A fantastic approach and one that generates life-long results. So far, I've lost 15 pounds of fat and gained muscle at the same time. Great stuff!"
» Rick Scaucillo, Age 56, Dallas, TX

But wait, there's more!
Order now and you also get this incredible BONANZA
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Get your copy of Fit Over 40 today before our introductory promotion ends and I'll also throw in these valuable bonus reports!

Bonus #1: Why Grow Old
By Orison Swett Marden (E-Book $19.95 value FREE). Before Tony Robbins, before Dr. Phil, before any of the modern gurus of the self help movement, there was Orison Swett Marden. Marden was the founder of SUCCESS magazine and a pioneer in the personal development movement who authored countless books on the subjects of personal growth and success. In 1909 he released a very short book called Why Grow Old, which in just 30 short pages, reveals what is perhaps THE ULTIMATE SECRET to staying young. Now, we have republished this rare classic manuscript for the 21st century, including a new introduction by Tom Venuto, and it's ONLY available as a bonus when you order FIT OVER 40 today.
Bonus #2: Menopause, Hormones And Fitness
One Woman's Incredible Journey To Become "The Fittest Female At 50"
(E-Book $19.95 value FREE):
Jill Langham, R.N., CPT, one of the nation's top experts on female fitness, hormone balancing and menopause, shares her incredible personal story. Discover how she came out the other side of "The Change" with better health and a better body than most women 20 years younger.
An absolute must-read for all women.
Bonus #3: The Best Natural Ways to Increase Your Testosterone
By Men's Health Expert, Christian Finn (42-Page E-Book! $19.95 value FREE!): Bodybuilders have known for years that testosterone builds muscle and burns stubborn fat. You don't have to resort to steroids to boost your male hormone levels. In this exciting special report, Men's Health magazine columnist Christian Finn draws on the latest findings from over 70 cutting edge research studies. Inside, you'll discover how to quickly boost your testosterone levels by making small changes to what you eat and how you exercise.
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Rare, exclusive interview by Rob "the Former Fat Guy" Cooper, with bodybuilding and fitness legend Bill Pearl. (complete interview transcript $19.95 value FREE!): Bill Pearl is a former Mr. America, Mr. USA and 5 time Mr. Universe, who captured his final Mr Universe title in the best shape of his life at age 41. Today, in his 70s, Bill maintains the health and physique of a man half his age. In this amazing interview you'll learn all of Bill's nutrition and training secrets for staying lean, fit and healthy at any age. It's a fascinating look inside the life and the mind of an ageless champion!
Bonus #5: The Slow Poisoning of Mankind
Discover this medical researcher's startling findings, presented to the World Health Organization in 2006! Canadian medical researcher John Erb looks at several "hidden chemicals" that are found in the food you probably ate for breakfast this morning. They are that rampant in our food supply—and more dangerous than most of us will ever know. John calls this little-known food doping, "The Slow Poisoning of Mankind"...and he's right on the money. Find out what he reported to the World Health Organization, and how YOU can protect your family and yourself from these toxic poisons!
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